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Miss Leading: Elizabeth is the face of the fight against apathetic government officials

Nearly one week after a groundbreaking abortion bill that would have changed the lives of millions of women in Argentina was rejected, a mother of two named Elizabeth died after she had a DIY abortion — which used parsley — and she was sent into septic shock as a result.

After years of mistreatment and disregard for women’s rights, people are fed up with the way women are treated, especially after such a huge loss against the Argentinian government. This year has been incredibly empowering for women worldwide, and this loss is a huge step back for women’s rights activists everywhere. However, the problems don’t end there.

Here in the United States, the issue of whether or not abortions should be legalized remains a major topic to be debated about. Ever since President Donald Trump has been in office, it seems as though his mission has been to turn back the clock on some very important issues regarding women, especially the rights they have with their own bodies. On Jan. 21, I marched alongside women from all walks of life, simply fighting for control over what I choose to do to my body. It’s ridiculous to me that while so many countries like Saudi Arabia are moving forward with the rights a woman has, other places like Argentina — and even the United States — are having problems giving women the basic right to control what happens to their bodies.

Elizabeth stands as the face of anger of women worldwide who are hoping to put an end to the mistreatment of women, and even though she is no longer alive, this is something that is quite powerful. This week, Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump’s first pick to fill the seat of Justice Anthony Kennedy, will have the power to vote on issues such as abortion, same-sex marriage and affirmative action.

Trump gives power to people who have no right to discuss issues because neither they nor their family members will ever have to deal with those issues firsthand. Kavanaugh’s first hearing was chaotic, as protestors ripped into the streets to stand up to the fact that more than 100,000 pages concerning Kavanaugh’s service are being withheld from the public eye — a theme that isn’t far off from the other secrets this administration hides from the public.

In the upcoming months, I hope that more women, especially those like Elizabeth  — who don’t have the means to receive legal abortions — can be empowered to fight back against powers like the Argentinian government and people like Trump and Kavanaugh. I hope that in due time, people will not need to die in order for these problems to be solved.

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