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No Sugar, No Cream: Thanos deserves our support

I am a big fan of Thanos. That being said, it seems that I’m the only big fan of Thanos. The contempt held by the general public for something that is clearly a hero is disheartening, at the very least. There is no sympathy left in the world. Thanos embodies most, if not all, of the qualities of the average, working titan. He goes above and beyond to make his mark on the galaxy a positive one.

Thanos was a hardworking, caring father of two unnecessarily rebellious and ungrateful daughters. When he was working as a humanitarian by killing half the population of planets for the betterment of the galaxy, he saved two children who were scared by the somewhat rampant destruction of their home planets. He did everything he could for Gamora and Nebula  —  feeding them, clothing them, even training them to be assassins and pitting them against each other in fights periodically, so their skills would always be sharp. He even modified Nebula’s body every time she lost to Gamora so the two might be fairly matched some day.

The simple-minded may find forcing siblings to physically fight each other to be cruel, but that is nothing more than a surface-level view of the situation. Thanos knew the world would be crueler to his daughters than this. He knew they’d have to endure vicious abuse from those who didn’t even know them. He only wished to prepare them. His kind-hearted, anticipative nature was just one of the characteristics that made him a great father. He provided for his children. His will was to give them a great life, but how did they repay him? They both tried to kill him. On several, separate occasions. His own family turned their backs on him and now, the world has too.

Thanos wasn’t given the option to trust those around him. His daughters ruined that for him. Despite those closest to him betraying him, he managed to trust again. He gained an honest following to achieve his larger-than-life goals (through fear tactics, but that’s neither here nor there). He had a clear objective: to rid the galaxy of 50 percent of its population so those left would want for nothing. He hated suffering. Despite his best efforts to appeal to moral good, his followers referred to him as the “Dark Lord,” and the remainder of the galaxy referred to him as the “Mad Titan.” Both are offensive titles that don’t capture his character. It is obvious that he was really more of a “Misunderstood Titan.” No one tried to see his point of view. Thanos had to use fear to ensure the loyalty of his armies, but he really needed one thing: love. He was desperate to eradicate many of the hardships he saw galaxy-wide, and everyone around him refused to see his actions that way.

Sure, Thanos’s ideas were radical. No arguing with that. Some may say he’s a “murderer” and “out of his mind,” but we must try to see him for what he really is: an innovator. He brought new ideas to population control that his time was not ready for. He was vilified for his actions when his heart was in the right place. He’d seen suffering on his own planet and he wanted nothing less than for it to happen again on other planets. He took action! Is that really so horrible? Is hating for people to be in pain so wrong? Some say his approach was flawed, but he dedicated years of his life to locating and stealing the Infinity Stones so he could stop having armies murder citizens in cold blood. That seems like the least flawed way to go about the process. Thanos has a conscience. He is a man of the people. People ignore that for their own agenda.

Thanos needs us to believe in him now more than ever. He is heartbroken and trying to navigate his pain alone. I’m far beyond absolutely certain that as he scrolls through his Twitter feed, seeing the anger people hold toward him pains him even more. He just lost a daughter and he has to read people view him as a ruthless killer, as though we didn’t witness the tears he shed as he threw her off of a cliff to her death. I think we can all agree that sacrifice is a part of life. Thanos has no one to turn to right now. It’s time to join together and show him that we are here for him.

People who are not on Thanos’s side are on the wrong side of history. This is plain and simple. He worked hard his entire life and achieved a goal to improve the circumstances of the galaxy, and the least we can all do is thank him. Sure, he could have snapped his fingers and tripled the resources in the world so everyone would always be covered. Sure, he could have snapped and doubled the land mass so everyone had adequate space to live comfortably. Sure, he could have snapped and put in place Socialist programs to ensure that everybody eats. But he didn’t. He did it his way, and it will just have to suffice. The Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy are probably gathering and looking for a way to destroy him instead of sitting down with him and hearing his point of view. They should be standing behind his decision.

Thanos took initiative. Thanos made his dreams come true. Thanos deserves our support.

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  1. Reddit is completely overrun with Thanos supporters….

    And what makes you think tripling the universes resources was possible. Logically erasing half is an exponentially easier task and you saw the damage done to the Gauntlet & Thanos in the process.