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SG votes on portion of constitutional amendments

Boston University Student Government Senate Chair Andrew Chiao. RACHEL SHARPLES/ DFP STAFF

Boston University’s Student Government met Monday night to hear updates from SG cabinet members and amend a subsection of the proposed constitutional amendments.

The meeting began with an address from Senate Chair Andrew Chiao. Chiao filled in for SG President Devin Harvin, who was absent at the meeting.

Chiao reminded senators that during SG election season, they are prohibited from campaigning during as well as immediately before and after senate meetings. He talked briefly about the recent terrorist attack in New Zealand and how senators should behave in the aftermath of such events.

“Just reiterating how senators are leaders on campus and should make an effort to reach out to friends, family and classmates who might be affected,” Chiao said after the meeting, “showing solidarity with them and speaking out against this kind of hate.”

Members of the SG cabinet then gave updates about what they have been working on over the course of the semester. SG Chief of Staff Tom Batson said tickets for the spring concert, “802.1,” had a successful release, noting that tickets sold out in 20 minutes.

Senators voted to move into open discussion about proposed constitutional amendments, and they decided to amend a subsection of the amendments that stated SG members must be present on campus for the semester in which they are serving.

The proposed amendment now states only SG members serving on the executive board as cabinet directors and judicial commissioners need to be on campus while they hold their position.

Chiao said voting on the constitutional amendments is taking longer than he expected to move through Senate.

“It’s obvious the senators do want to talk about this — if they didn’t, they would just motion to adjourn — so they do want to put the time into discussing this,” Chiao said. “I think it’s promising that they want to talk about it, but it can get frustrating because it takes a long time.”  

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