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Missing student with special needs found after reported missing by BPD

The Boston University Police Department sent out an alert Tuesday to the BU community around noon that said a special needs student from McKinley Middle School on St. Mary’s Street was missing after he walked away from the school. The individual was located within half an hour.

The Boston Police Department requested the BU community assist their search for the student by reporting any knowledge of  his whereabouts to a BUPD sergeant. BUPD sent out a follow-up alert at 12:36 p.m. stating the student, Luis Cartegena, had been located.

“Thank you all for your assistance in this community matter,” the alert read.

A spokesperson for BUPD said later in the day although Cartegena was not found due to a tip from a BU student, she was glad the school has a community that is willing and can help in these kinds of missing persons situations.

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