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SG votes to fund murals for StuVi walkway

BU Student Government Senate Chair Andrew Chiao oversees discussion of proposed constitutional amendments Monday night. GRANT HILLYER/ DFP STAFF

Student Government Senate voted to approve and allocate money to a campus beautification project, which aims to add murals to BU’s campus, at their meeting Monday night.

Senate voted to give just over $800 to the Campus Beautification Proposal, which is seeking to add several murals in the Agganis walkway between StuVi I and StuVi II. The murals will be created in the summer, and the five students who apply and are accepted to create a mural will be given free housing for the summer by the university.

The money for the project will go toward paying for flyers and supplies for the selected artists. SG estimates the project will be completed by the fall of 2019.

Senate Chair Andrew Chiao said he supports the beautification project.

“That’s really cool,” Chiao said. “The effort they’ve been putting in for the last couple of months to secure that space and housing is cool.”

The Senate meeting began with an update on the Food Equality Accountability and Safety for Transparency Act, which aims to add additional food description labels to BU’s dining halls as well as fix inaccurate or misleading labels. A senator proposed the act in January, which the Senate passed later in the semester.

Monday night’s FEAST report offered a progress update on the ongoing initiatives, particularly with an upcoming Earth Week Challenge, as well as new ideas to implement in the future — including a proposed plan to implement weighing stations in dining halls to help people visualize how much food is wasted.

The report stated the Visiting Chef Series, in which local chefs bring food from their restaurants to BU dining halls for a day, will next feature a visit from Tuscan Kitchen, located in the Seaport, on Wednesday. Dining Services is also looking to add better labels to their foods and has an aim to move to carbon neutral dining, according to the report.

The FEAST Committee is planning daily events for Earth Week on the days around Earth Day, which is April 22.

Aditya Jain, a sophomore in the College of Engineering and the senator who first proposed the FEAST Act, said during the meeting the dining halls are really interested in SG’s upcoming events.

“We really want to make this an exciting event,” Jain said of the Earth Week initiatives. “We want to show that the climate and sustainability matters to us and it starts with what we eat and it’s important we show that.”

Throughout the week, students will get prizes for doing activities such as pledging to eat vegan for a week and sharing it on social media, Jain said. A map of vegan foods on campus will also be available for students to view.

Ongoing constitutional amendments were then discussed briefly, including updating some of the SG positions’ descriptions, and some changes to the wording of the SG Constitution were voted on. The voting on the word changes will continue at the next meeting.

Aditya Jain is a staff writer for The Daily Free Press.

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  1. Corey Tomlinson

    Surprised to hear that Senate did not take up oversight of the 802.1 concert flop–a waste of our student activity fees.

    • Nehemiah Dureus

      @Corey Tomlinson
      We did.
      It’s not mentioned in the article.

    • Sad to hear you think spending our money the way students want it and not how the university wants it is a waste. Also sad to hear you thought the concert was a flop. I know at least 8 people who would love to talk about how we could have done things better this year despite all the obstacles the university placed in the path of the students charged with seeing this through.