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Campus Cognition: My time at BU has shown me the importance of individual voices

As I have now made it through an eye-opening first six weeks of being a student at Boston University, numerous parts of my life have evolved. My day-to-day living situation, my exposure to more and more cultured people, and, most importantly, my political mindstate are all different from when I first moved in. 

As I’ve explained in my observations of BU’s political climate, this campus is an ideal hub for a young person such as myself to expose themselves to all that modern discourse has to offer. 

The BU campus is situated at the epicenter of one of the country’s most prominent cities. Boston is known for its significant media presence and bustling culture. As our generation becomes more politically influenced, so grows the importance of living in a city like Boston and attending a school like BU where the youth can easily stay involved and informed. 

The primary way in which I have seen my political ideology shift since coming to BU has been through simply observing different people on campus and their respective worldviews. As I have made more friends and involved myself in various groups, I have come to realize that each and every person I meet has their own unique views and corresponding political stances. 

These people have pushed me to think differently about my own views; they are the definitive reason why I think differently about many issues than I did just two months ago.

We are a student body made up of thousands of different personalities and with each and every personality comes a new perspective of our world. 

The more often I ponder how our student body has affected me as a whole, the more I come to realize how much it has to do with being politically aware. Sometimes this doubt appears in my mind that the only reason I feel so passionate about our country’s current state is because I am at the peak of my adolescence and that this is just a natural side-effect of being at this point in life. 

But through simply admiring the viewpoints of each and every person that has talked with me and expressed their worldview in my presence, that doubt dissipates quickly. 

In a time of unparalleled divisiveness, BU has done nothing else but solidify the fact that our generation is ready and willing to take on the future. I am just a small fraction of this group, but without my contemporaries at my side, I would have never realized the weight just one person holds being apart of a community like this.

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