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Shapiro poster defaced outside Warren Towers

The poster outside of Warren Towers advertising Ben Shapiro’s visit to Boston University was vandalized sometime on Thursday. AUSMA PALMER/ THE DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

A poster advertising conservative pundit Ben Shapiro’s Nov. 13 campus visit outside Warren Towers was defaced Thursday with the word “Fascist” and a mustache resembling Adolf Hitler’s drawn in black marker.

Any information about the individual or group who drew on the sign has not been released.

This action comes after multiple protests against Shapiro’s visit in the past weeks on campus.

The Boston University Police Department declined to comment on the incident.

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  1. Juvenile, ignorant, intolorable behavior. Is this how college students act when they disagree with a speaker? Is the “artist” afraid of debating issues? Just hide behind your stupidity. What a waste of a so-called college education.

  2. When you’re so uninformed that you draw a Hitler mustache on an orthodox Jew.

    • “[Transgenderism] is a mental illness.”–Ben Shapiro.
      “Albert Moll was one of many psychiatrists whose theories influenced Nazi understandings of homosexual behavior. Writing in 1905, Moll attributed homosexual desires to mental illness”–Eliot H. Boden, 2011.
      Uninformed? Not so sure…