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Shapiro poster defaced second time in a week

A poster outside Warren Towers advertising Ben Shapiro’s campus visit was defaced twice on Monday, the third time since it has been put up, actions that reflect campus-wide opposition to the upcoming event. VICTORIA BOND/ DAILY FREE PRESS

Vandals drew a mustache and wrote the word “Transphobe” on the poster of conservative pundit Ben Shapiro outside Warren Towers Monday.

This was the second time the poster promoting Shapiro’s Nov. 13 campus visit has been defaced, after someone drew the same Adolf Hitler-style moustache and wrote “Fascist” on the poster on Thursday.

This action comes after multiple protests against Shapiro’s visit in the past weeks on campus.


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  1. I have a (hopeful) feeling that someone’s going to smash the glass next…

  2. Wonderful comment Mr. Sand. I feel that you think property distructon is warranted. Great solution. How sad.

    • Property can be repaired. It’s harder for people to recover when they’re abused online and on the street by Shapiro’s buddies in the Proud Boys/YAF.

  3. Mackenzie Finocchiaro

    It also needs to be noted that Mr. Shapiro is an Orthodox Jew, and that drawing a Hitler mustache on him is completely inappropriate and out of context. This is borderline anti-Semitism, and should be condemned by all here at BU.

    • Yup, it is very telling that this was not mentioned. Not surprising though

    • I’m sure you feel that way, but…”facts don’t care about your feelings”, amirite?

      • Mackenzie Finocchiaro

        You ARE right! Because you in no way shape or form denied the FACT that he is an Orthodox Jew, the last demographic you’d want to label as Hitler!

      • Mackenzie Finocchiaro

        What are the facts, other than a poster w/ an Orthodox Jew was defaced with a Hitler mustache? So, yes, uarrite. Kudos to you, John.

        • Here’s another fact:
          “[Transgenderism] is a mental illness.”–Ben Shapiro.
          “Albert Moll was one of many psychiatrists whose theories influenced Nazi understandings of homosexual behavior. Writing in 1905, Moll attributed homosexual desires to mental illness”–Eliot H. Boden, 2011.
          Not so pretty side by side, are they?

  4. @Mackenzie Yes, it’s very telling that this wasn’t even mentioned but not surprised

  5. @Mackenzie Yes, it’s very telling that they didn’t even mention that, but not surprised

  6. To Mackenzie’s comment- yup, it’s very telling that this wasn’t even mentioned but I’m not surprised.