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BU student recognized as finalist for fellowship

Eliana Pipes, a second-year student in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Boston University and playwright, attended the award ceremony for The David and Lynn Angell College Comedy Fellowship as a finalist on Friday.

Boston University graduate student Eliana Pipes, who studies playwriting in the Graduate School of Arts and Science, was a finalist for The David and Lynn Angell College Comedy Fellowship awarded Friday. COURTESY OF ELIANA PIPES VIA GETTY IMAGES

The award, for which Pipes was nominated in July 2019, holds a $20,000 prize. Pipes was one of three finalists, and though she did not win the award, she describes being a finalist as “an honor in itself.” 

Aside from this fellowship, Pipes has been recognized for her work by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. In October 2019, she was awarded the Academy Gold Fellowship for Women, and received a $35,000 grant. 

Pipes wrote in an email that it was after her 2017 internship with the Academy Gold Program that she received her nomination for their fellowship. She wrote the program gave her access to many resources that helped her develop as a writer. 

“As part of Academy Gold, we were given exclusive access to Academy Members and screenings, weekly panels and educational workshops,” Pipes wrote. “It was a really incredible experience, and one that I’m deeply grateful for.” 

Kate Snodgrass, a playwriting professor and artistic director, said Pipes is an outstanding playwright in the graduate MFA program.

“She won the award for her first screenplay, so she’s a very talented writer in telling stories,” Snodgrass said. “And that’s [what] screenplays are. One way to tell a story.”

Kyle Hogan, a sophomore in the CAS, said having more talented students like Pipes can help BU build a good reputation for their programs in the field.

“Personally, I don’t really know much about the playwriting and filmmaking, but what [Pipes] has done in her field is really impressive,” Hogan said. “And with more students showing their potentials to the public, we all will benefit from it.”

Gabriel Calistro, a freshman in the College of General Studies, said it is good to see students showing their talent in a bigger stage.

“I think it is a great initiative that [Eliana] is taking right now, to take place in an award like [the Academy Gold Fellowship for Women],” Calistro said. “And it would be cool if more of her works are recognized.”

Jason Lee, a sophomore in the Questrom School of Business, said he is looking forward to see what Pipes will do in the future.

“Well considering what she [Pipes] has been achieved and the grant that she has received. I am kind of wondering what her next move is,” Lee said. “Will she focus on playwriting, film or any other fields?”

Melinda Lopez, an adjunct assistant professor in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, wrote in an email that Pipes is a creative artist in many ways.

“I will say that [Pipes] is a prolific and cleverly inventive playwright,” Lopez wrote. “She creates plays that combine big ideas with big heart — and a little screwball comedy. She is a delicious creative artist.”

Pipes wrote that while she loves screenwriting, her true experience and passion lies in writing plays.

I’ve been writing plays since 2013, and I’ve written five full-length plays and countless short plays since,” Pipes wrote. “Playwriting is where the bulk of my writing experience comes from, and it’s informed my voice and style as a writer. I’m very excited to be moving more into screenwriting this coming year, but my heart is in the theater and always will be.”

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