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East to West: Oct. 5, 2020

On today’s episode of East to West, we discuss how two BU alumni who will be wed at BU beach, BU’s recent postponing of its immunization clinic, reactions to a COVID outbreak at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and more.

FEATURING: Justin Tang, Angela Yang, Edward Sturm, Jackson Machesky

WRITTEN BY: Justin Tang, Angela Yang, Jackson Machesky, Katrina Liu, Nellie Maloney, Mia Parker, Michelle Tian, Kelsey Ffrench

EDITED BY: Justin Tang

BASED ON DFP PIECES BY: Angela Yang, Chris Larabee, Anne Jonas, Claire Williams, James Paleologopoulos, Jun Li, Daniel Kool

MUSIC: “Acid Trumpet” by Kevin Macleod, “Backbay Lounge” by Kevin Macleod, “Ultralounge” by Kevin Macleod

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