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How a College Newspaper Covered Election Day 2020 (with Allison Pirog and Colbi Edmonds) | Is It OK if I Record?

In a basement newsroom on a college campus, three editors from The Daily Free Press worked through the night to pull together a 16-story newspaper.

City editor Allison Pirog and opinion editor Colbi Edmonds join Justin, Angela and Sarah to discuss how a student news outlet covers national news — while remote. Listen for more about our early-morning catastrophes before the paper went to press.

“Is It OK if I Record?” is hosted by Justin Tang, Angela Yang, and Sarah Readdean. The show is edited by Justin Tang.

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Justin Tang is a sophomore in the Questrom School of Business and the Podcast Editor for Fall 2020. He hosts the Daily Free Press podcasts "Is It OK if I Record?" and "East to West."

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