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American Protest: The Trump administration has turned into a real circus

The period of time between when a new president gets elected and the old one leaves office is always interesting, because the incumbent is essentially useless.

Meredith Varner

They will soon be replaced, meaning their power in these last days is very limited and their remaining months in office are rather dull. What makes this period all the more interesting is when it applies to a president who has lost their seat after serving only one term. 

I will be honest, though: the series of events that have transpired since President Donald Trump lost the election have been so bizarre I do not think I could have made them up if I tried. At this point, I don’t think “Saturday Night Live” even needs to write a script — it can just reenact what is actually going on. 

Since the announcement of President-elect Joe Biden’s victory, Trump and his team have refused to publicly acknowledge the results. It has been incredibly strange to watch the administration deny reality in the public eye but also scramble to save their butts before they are inevitably removed from power. 

Besides Trump’s actions being an extreme insult to our democracy and election process, the past month has also been an overall train wreck. Let’s dive into the moments in the last few weeks that have left most Americans scratching their heads in wonder at an administration spiraling into complete craziness.


I think my personal favorite moment so far has been Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani going on a very odd tirade about voter fraud while something that appeared to be mascara or pen melted down his face.

He claimed voter fraud had been organized on a national scale to steal the election away from Trump. Giuliani then went on to claim Trump won many swing states by thousands of votes and is on the path for a second term.

As if that was not enough from the former New York City mayor, his witnesses at the Michigan hearings were even worse. Republican witness Mellissa Carone’s testimony quickly went viral on social media because of her odd behavior, and many people speculated how many drinks she had before going to talk to the Michigan lawmakers. 

She, too, made unverified allegations of voter fraud, claiming “illegals” were voting in the election and that poll books for recording voter information were completely inaccurate. 

One woman tweeted, “Michigan witness for Trump’s legal team had a couple of Long Island Iced Teas before testifying.” 

I find it so sad these are the levels the Trump administration is stooping to in an attempt to prove that, by some magical turn of events, Trump actually won this election.

It is also important to keep in mind every single one of Trump’s claims and lawsuits has been rejected. Not one claim has held up in court and the remaining ones are not expected to be any different. 

The bottom line is: the courts have not found any evidence of large-scale voter fraud that would change the outcome of the election, and it is doubtful they will find anything to support Trump’s claims. 

Still, many Republicans are too scared to say otherwise. Republican state officials such as secretaries of state and governors have called out Trump’s claims of fraud as baseless, but America has noticed the relative silence from Congress. 

Republicans in Congress are all too scared to say anything against Trump, but are supposed to be the people running the party and maintaining American democracy. It is pathetic. I hope when the next round of elections for these politicians comes around, America remembers their silence about Trump’s attempted destruction of the democratic process a presidential election is supposed to be. 

These people are just as unfit for public office as the entire Trump administration. Even if they are not actively making claims of fraud, they are complicit with the demonization of this election, which is just as bad. 

Thankfully, the Electoral College meets on Monday to finalize the election results, and then Trump’s prospects of winning any of these legal battles will disappear. Maybe then he will get the message. 

Since he has apparently been inquiring about preemptive pardons for himself and his family, Trump is clearly aware he will eventually have to leave office and be held accountable for his actions. 

Aside from having too much of a childlike temperament to admit to losing, Trump is just scared to lose the protections the presidency offers. But until Inauguration Day, we will have to listen to him whine like a baby. 

We will probably continue hearing more from him even after that day, but thankfully, someone as unstable as him and his administration will no longer be running the country. These past weeks have made us even more of a global embarrassment than before, and it’s time we get a real administration back in office to replace this circus.

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