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Guys are Babies with Solange Hackshaw

HARK! FRIENDS, LEND ME YOUR EARS! CLOUT CHASING RETURNS. THE BOYS ARE BACK IN THE STUDIO! Solange Hackshaw, founder and writer of lifestyle blog Tips from Your Good Sis and host of the Beauty, Brains & Baggage podcast, breaks a Clout Chasing RECORD for the number of times a guest has rolled their eyes at the lads. Sit in for an especially horny episode; we talk Height to Dick Size Ratio, the misconceptions young people have with sex, and more. Solange also tells us about her works as an IG Story Q&A Researcher, what she’s learned from her followers, and how thats impacted her blog & podcast. Good stuff all in all. A sober episode too, which Carti & Armie were nervous about. Great nonetheless.

Disclaimer: “Clout Chasing” contains language some may find explicit or offensive.

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