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Lesbian Supremacy with Gladys Vargas

Content Warning: This episode contains discussion of sexual assault.

THE VAGINAS! THEY’RE MONOLOGUING! Gladys Vargas, a campus activist and organizer, joins the boys to discuss her writing and participating in The Vagina Monologues and Yoni ki Baat, as well as the February 7th protests against Boston University’s sexual assault problem. And then, in signature Clout Chasing style, the bois bring Gladys back down to Planet Stupid and we talk shit on theater kids, Karens, discovering your style by stealing clothes, and Tom Cruise lookbooks! You know a Clout Chasing episode is off the rails when Carter and Armand speak more than the guest does, but hey, if that isn’t Independent Student Newspaper Podcasting then I don’t know what is.

This episode was edited by Jackson Machesky.

Disclaimer: “Clout Chasing” contains language some may find explicit or offensive.

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