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Charcoal X Barstool Sports with Sham Sullivan and Jess Zheng

We’ve done this show long enough that we know a Classic when we’re smack-dab in the middle of one. Jess Zheng and Sham Sullivan, two e-board executive suite CREATIVE POWERHOUSES for CC-favorite cultural mag Charcoal Magazine sit down with the boys to preview their newest issue (DROPPING FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 19TH), discuss the creative process and talk that sweet hashtag content baybee. ALSO! A SHOW FIRST: The lads got owned during Fit of the Day. Tune in to see how. An electric episode bottom to top, this shit felt good. Like when Steph Curry turns his back after he shoots because he knows that ball is GOING STRAIGHT IN. THE HIGH OCTANE PODDING YOU’VE GROWN TO KNOW AND LOVE IS ALIVE FOLKS, AND IT’S BEAUTIFUL.

This episode was edited by Jackson Machesky.

Disclaimer: “Clout Chasing” contains language some may find explicit or offensive.

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