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Six activities to try in your final weeks of winter

As the semester picks up and snow continues to smatter the Northeast, the final weeks of February seem to drone on with every slushy trek down Commonwealth Avenue. Yes, the days are getting longer, evenings brighter. But winter is still upon us, and according to Punxsutawney Phil, we can’t expect spring for at least a few weeks. The least we can do is spice up our weekends while we wait it out. So, here are some indoor activities to keep you occupied until spring comes to the rescue.

Charcuterie supper

Now, who doesn’t love a little spread of cheese and crackers? The assembly is fun and the clean-up is easy — this one makes for a wholesome night in.

In-home formal

My housemates and I all attend class virtually, so it’s a rare sight when I catch someone out of a hoodie and sweats. We decided to hold our own evening formal, recycling old prom dresses and giving ourselves an excuse to feel our best. I suggest preparing an elegant meal (a roast perhaps?) to accompany this one — it made the night feel much fancier.

Craft night

In my house, every night is craft night — I’m not kidding. This one’s a standard, but a good one. Lately, I’m into macrame, so I’ve been loading our windows with plant hangers. It leaves me with an excuse to add a little more greenery to my life. This tutorial shows you how to make one in just 10 minutes.

Blast from the past 

Sure, middle school was rough. But there’s just something so amazing about listening to playlists I made when I was 13. Think of this one as more of an interesting exercise: exchange these throwback playlists with friends, and get to know a different — albeit dated — side of them.

Monochromatic mania

If you have roommates, have everyone pick a color. The color you pick is the one you wear (from head to toe) for that day. For a bonus round potluck, everyone also prepares a meal inspired by the color they picked. If you’re doing this alone, you could assign a different color to each day of the week.

Yoga class

It might take a little furniture rearranging to make space, but all you really need is a yoga mat and a laptop to make this one work. I like to set up a sequence from YouTube on my laptop and follow along. This is another great activity to try with your roommates.

Hopefully, this is enough to keep us entertained as we wait for the world around us to thaw a little bit. Happy almost-spring!

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