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If you miss ‘Lizzie McGuire,’ you should watch ‘Ally McBeal,’ and other recommendations

If you miss “Lizzie McGuire,” watch “Ally McBeal”

If Lizzie McGuire went to Harvard Law School, she would become Ally McBeal. Like Lizzie, J.D. from “Scrubs” and Addie from “Unfabulous” combined, Ally has a lively and visual imagination. She pictures heads blowing up, people being thrown into dump trucks and babies dancing to “Hooked on a Feeling.” With a rollercoaster of a love life and a bunch of kooky coworkers, “Ally McBeal” is a lot of fun. The show also has an impressive set of stars in their early careers, including Jane Krakowski, Lucy Liu and Portia de Rossi.

If you miss “Sonny with a Chance,” watch “Great News”

Created by “30 Rock” producer and “The Mindy Project” co-executive producer Tracey Wigfield, “Great News” is a funky blast. It has the million-jokes-a-minute pacing of “30 Rock” in an even goofier world. If you loved the showbiz chaos of Sonny and her friends at “So Random!” you might find what you’re looking for in “Great News.”

If you miss “Kim Possible,” watch “Alias”

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a spy more than anything. Kim Possible was my idol. I’m constantly looking for something to replace the adrenaline of watching Kim save the world, and “Alias” is pretty close. Cool gadgets, exciting missions and techno music, “Alias” is everything I want in a spy show.

If you miss “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” watch “Los Espookys”

Some kids were brave enough to read “Goosebumps” and “Animorphs,” but I was not one of them. I was into the funnier side of magic and ghosts, and that is exactly what “Los Espookys” gives you. It’s really strange, very funny and just a little scary.

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