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Song Spotlight: ‘Best Part’ by Daniel Caesar featuring H.E.R.

With Valentine’s Day having just passed and February being Black History Month, it seems fitting that I use this time to geek out about one of my favorite songs of all time. “Best Part” by Daniel Caesar ft. H.E.R. was my most-streamed song of 2019 — that is an impressive statistic considering how much I love music.

Caesar, born Ashton Simmonds, is only 25 years old but has already been nominated for a Grammy Award four times, winning in 2019 for Best R&B performance of this very song. Caesar’s debut album “Freudian” received raving reviews, with compliments on Caesar’s effortless combination of gospel influences with contemporary R&B.

Gabriella Wilson, professionally known as H.E.R, has a beautiful voice, no argument about that. At the astonishingly young age of 23, she has already won two Grammy Awards, one for “Best Part” and another for her debut album “H.E.R.” in 2019.

Two fantastic Black artists, who have broken boundaries coming together and combining their talents to create one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard? What more could we ask for?

“Best Part” is the feeling of love infused into music. I know that’s a bold statement, but I stand by it. Both Caesar and H.E.R.’s voices pierce through my heart with their soothing, clean melodies and make me believe true love is real — that’s not something you often find in music. The purity and simplicity of the melody enhance the lyrics, which cover a topic that so many songs have covered before, but in a way like this.

The day I associate this song with a special someone will be the day I realize I want to spend the rest of my life with them. That’s how powerful this song is to me. Out of the millions of love songs out there, the soul and the essence of this song are what make it stand out. It makes my stomach flutter in anticipation that I may meet someone one day who makes me feel this way and who sees me this way.

Yes, this song is lyrically brilliant, but I think the true stars of this song are the flawless voices of Caesar and H.E.R. My goodness. If the studio version of this song doesn’t convince you, watch the live version. I’m confident you won’t be disappointed. Their voices and the instrumentals are what I imagine honey to sound like.

The best songs are the ones that are so simple on the surface but say so much once you dig deeper. They make you feel something almost inexplicable. “Best Part” is that song for me.

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