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BU student reports robbery at gunpoint

Parking garage at night. Boston University sent out an Emergency Alert Thursday after a student was robbed at gunpoint inside the parking garage at 121 Dummer St. in Brookline. COURTESY OF PIQSELS

A Boston University student reported that they were robbed at gunpoint inside the parking garage at 121 Dummer St. in Brookline at approximately 3:20 a.m. Thursday, according to an Emergency Alert email sent to the BU community.

The Dummer Street parking garage is located behind the School of Hospitality Administration in West Campus, one block south of Commonwealth Avenue.

The suspect was described as a 5’10” male in his early 20’s, with “medium complexion brown skin tone” and facial hair, wearing a hooded camouflage sweatshirt, jeans and a dark winter jacket.

The student reported that the person took their iPhone and wallet before fleeing in an unknown direction on Dummer Street, according to the email.

The BU Police Department’s Detective Unit is investigating the incident in coordination with the Brookline Police, according to the email.

“Residents of the area can expect to see an increase in police patrols from BUPD and Brookline Police,” according to the Emergency Alert email.

BU spokesperson Colin Riley said the student reacted appropriately by being compliant with the perpetrator.

“I think in this case, the person did what you should do,” he said, “which is not resist.”

Riley said students should quickly report such incidents to authorities.

“Report it immediately, the sooner the better,” Riley said. “The reason is that police are able to immediately track the area.”

Riley also noted the hour at which the incident happened and advised students to remain cautious.

“It was early in the morning, after three in the morning,” he said, “so you want to make sure people, if they’re out at that hour, that they have their wits about them and stay away from places where this could occur.”

The Emergency Alert email advised students to utilize Scarlet SafeWalk or public transportation.

“Whenever something of this seriousness occurs,” Riley said, “we want to make sure that we give appropriate communication to students.”

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