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I’m a hopeless romantic

I was definitely born in the wrong decade. How do I know, you may ask? Well, I may or not dream of running through flower fields in beautiful poofy dresses and dancing in the rain.

I’m talking about the kind of ball gowns they wear in “Bridgerton.” And oh how I dream of attending a masquerade like the one in “The Vampire Diaries.” Maybe I’ve watched too many romantic movies and shows.

I have this idea of a storybook romance, the kind where you dance in the rain and wander the streets late at night together. Imagine the scene in “Pretty Woman” when Richard Gere climbs up the fire escape with roses to profess his love. Isn’t that just beautiful?

That kind of scenario just doesn’t happen in real life, but boy have these movies portrayed this fairytale romance over and over again.

two people walking through boston common
Two people walk through Boston Common. Though real-life romance is often unlike that of movies and TV shows, it is still important to work through conflict and spend time with your partner. LAURYN ALLEN/ DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

I picture long walks in the park and picnics under a willow tree, listening to music and talking for hours — just enjoying each other’s company. I feel like my vision of romance is greatly disconnected from reality.

For starters, online dating has taken over today’s world. It’s so easy to hide behind a screen because of the many apps that provide a means to do so. There is nothing wrong with the domination of dating apps, especially now with COVID-19. It’s so difficult to make new friends, let alone date.

I think the culture of romance has evolved in general. It’s become more casual and less serious, though not in all cases, of course. I think when people envision dating, they picture dinner after dinner and spending money all the time. But the truth is, it doesn’t have to be that way. Yes, dinners are great, but how about going for a walk, cooking at home, having a picnic, watching a movie and just having conversations.

These are such simple activities people don’t often regard as “date material,” but they can be. What matters in romance is the person you are with and the company they provide.

I can think of countless movies where the on-screen couple and their relationship are so beautifully conveyed that they leave me in awe. I will say, at least these unrealistic romantic comedies always have some sort of conflict the pair works through.

That right there is the definition of love, in my opinion. Love is working through the hard times, compromising and accepting and embracing your partner with all of their flaws. Love is making sacrifices, but also meeting in the middle.

Love is what makes us human. Each and every person on this planet expresses love in a different way. Love is what makes life so beautiful. Whether it be dancing in the rain with your soulmate or sitting on a bench talking for hours, live life and love life with the people who make you smile.

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