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Is being a Libra a personality trait?

Not to be that person, but I’m going to be that person — the kind who casually slips in the question “When is your birthday?” when meeting new people. This question may or may not be asked for the sole purpose of figuring out the astrological sun sign of others.

I am a Libra, if you couldn’t tell from the article title. I embody many Libra characteristics, but I don’t feel like I relate to all of them. The ones I do relate to, I find fascinating. Every person I meet fits their astrological sign once I get to know them. That’s what makes astrology so interesting.

libra zodiac sign
Libra on the zodiac. Learning about your astrological sign can teach you more about the personalities of yourself and others. COURTESY OF NUMEROLOGY SIGN VIA FLICKR

For those of you who aren’t into astrology, your sun sign is defined as the core of your personality and being, basically who you are as a person. It is who you are, how you express your individuality and how you act. Your sun sign is also your drive and motivation.

Take me, for example. My birthday is Oct. 4, making me a Libra. I struggle to make decisions — any decision, really. Sometimes I’ll surprise myself and make a decision, but the next decision that comes around I can’t make for the life of me.

The symbol for the Libra is a scale. The scale represents balance, which is what I am constantly striving to achieve in all aspects of my life. Once the scale is off-balance, I cannot focus on anything until the balance is achieved again.

I always strive for peace and harmony in my life and the lives of those around me, as well as fairness and equality. I am also a very social person who values quality time with my friends and family. One-on-one moments are very important to me because that is how you truly get to know and understand a person.

I am always aware of how others perceive me. I honestly wish I wasn’t like that, though. Sometimes I am too concerned with what others think of me, so much so that I end up focusing on everyone but myself. I am constantly practicing putting myself first and realizing my worth.

The fear of saying what I really feel or having an opinion is often very real, but I’m a person with great self-awareness, so I catch myself. I enjoy creatively expressing myself, whether it be through scrapbooking, writing, singing or creating mood boards. I’m constantly listening to my many playlists and going into a music-filled world.

As a Libra, I learn more about myself and become more myself through my relationships. My family and friends teach me so much. Learning to navigate friendships has led me to self-discovery and a better sense of self.

That’s a quick synopsis of myself and my Libra ways. Of course, not every characteristic of a Libra applies to me, but most of them do. I dove into the astrological world when I was very young through a large book my mother had about astrology.

We would have the best time learning about different signs and how they related to the people in our lives. I think astrology is just like any other philosophy — if you choose to believe in it then it becomes more true.

I will say, sometimes books and websites about astrology will tend to highlight the negatives rather than the positives, which can be too much sometimes. I am a positive person, and too much negativity pushes me away.

Regardless, I love astrology and discovering how a person embodies their astrological sign. So far, everyone I have met has matched their sign to a T.

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  1. Astrology is fascinating!

  2. Love the article Maya! To the point and with real examples! Very interesting!