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How to enjoy Florida when the 90-degree heat feels like 110

If you think summer in Boston is hot, you have never experienced a Florida summer. Florida summers have all the usual characteristics for the season: humidity, heat and rain.

I am not a person who enjoys 90-degree weather — I typically leave Florida in late June or early July. Stepping outside and needing to shower immediately upon entering my house is a feeling I am not particularly fond of. I know it sounds like I’m being dramatic, but I am a fall girl. Fall is my favorite time of year, and I savor that nice 50- and 60-degree temperature.

miami beach during the summer
Miami during the summer. Staying cool and brainstorming fun activities is essential to making the most of a Florida summer. COURTESY OF ANTONIOCUELLARPH VIA PIXABAY

I chose a school like Boston University for a reason. It is in a city that actually has seasons, and I can experience various kinds of weather. But, I will say, winter in Florida is absolutely beautiful because the temperature never dips below 60 degrees — Boston is quite the opposite.

This summer will, of course, be different than most as we continue to live in a pandemic. I will be home from the beginning of May to the end of August, so wish me luck. To prepare for the next four months, I have been brainstorming different ideas to make a hot Florida summer fun.

I will most definitely enjoy a multitude of sunrise and sunset picnics with cold water and kombucha. It’s funny, my first article last semester was about whether or not I like kombucha, and I still have not reached a consensus. I think it’s my indecisiveness that comes with being a Libra, but I could just be making excuses for my confused brain.

Additionally, I will have a lot of smoothies, sorbets and salads this summer. All I crave in the warm weather is fresh food — as opposed to the winter when I only want soup and bread. There are so many recipes online for delicious foods to help you stay cool in the summer, so I highly recommend looking into those.

I also think this may be the summer when I discover how I’d look if I were tan. I have never really tanned because I am too nervous my pale skin will fry in the sun, but maybe I should go for it — with a lot of sunscreen, of course.

Painting and yoga also seem like the perfect summer hobbies to invest my time in. Picture yourself waking up to go watch the sunrise, supplies in hand, and painting what you see. That is an activity I could definitely get on board with.

I will admit, I am feeling better about the Florida heat now that I am brainstorming fun activities to do while I am home. I could even go bike riding on a path and play volleyball on the beach with my family and friends.

Honestly, Florida summers are a great time for a super fun weekend trip, so I would highly recommend a visit. But, I am just excited to be home with my family and experience summer in Florida with an optimistic attitude from now on.

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