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Chekov’s JNCO Jeans with Chris Blomstedt

SEASON. SERIES. FINALE. The boys sign off in style with an on-location episode in Allston’s AWOL Boutique with their General Manager Chris Blomstedt. We talk streetwear trends in through history, Chris’s style evolution and his philosophy as a streetwear business owner and aficionado. We got off the f—in’ Travis Scott Cacti in a sneaker store guys, felt like we were Virgil Abloh or something. Chris even gave us free clothes! 2.5 years as a fashion podcast and this was the first time we’ve ever gotten free shit. Good send off!

On a more serious note, to the people who came on the show, and to the people who listened, we’re extremely grateful you gave us your time and energy. It’s meant is the world as long as we’ve done this. Clout Chasing Forever.

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This episode was edited by Jackson Machesky

Disclaimer: “Clout Chasing” contains language some may find explicit or offensive.

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