Campus News at the FreeP: a snapshot of Fall 2021 coverage

Boston University sign

As Boston University returns to a version of what it once was pre-pandemic, campus news at The Daily Free Press is prepared to cover the community’s most important stories — with a focus on highlighting the good, the bad and the ugly of the return to normal and amplifying the many unheard student, faculty and staff voices across campus this semester. 

The actions that are taken, and not taken, by BU officials every day affect the lives of the BU community and their families spanning the globe. We aim to continue to fulfill our journalistic duty as “watchdogs” for the BU community this Fall and keep an eye on these decisions and always search for the right voices to speak on their effects. 

One specific issue we will be looking into this semester is the University’s handling and prevention of sexual misconduct on campus in the wake of its new online training requirements and the Campus Survivors posts from students who felt they were failed by current systems in place. 

We will also be covering the University’s commitment to sustainability through projects such as the construction of the Center for Computing and Data Sciences, which will contain geothermal walls and use no fossil fuels. Our news writers are also curious to investigate the BU community’s environmental impact when it comes to leftover dining hall food disposed of every single day.

The campus news section of FreeP Fall 2021 is ready to get back on the streets of campus in person, interviewing as many members of the BU community as possible and scouting out any spicy scoops to ensure every voice gets noticed. 

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