The issues that matter: Preview of Fall features

As we enter yet another school year plagued with COVID-19 concerns and pandemic uncertainty, the features section of The Daily Free Press is committed to diving deep into issues affecting students here at Boston University.

Boy playing saxophone in downtown Boston

The features section at FreeP — which includes arts, science, business and community stories — covers student protests and social media movements on campus and off-campus: movements that the BU administration needs to pay attention to. The “featz” section takes a deeper dive into these stories, talking to students, artists, business owners and scientists to get to the true “why” and “so what?”

As journalists and students at FreeP, we are here to tell the stories BU students really care about — and do it right. Looking into student’s efforts to build a more inclusive campus and fight for equity and asking the serious questions about COVID-19, the features section is striving to represent all students on campus.

We also will have the latest reviews of favorite Netflix shows, spotlight any pop-up art exhibits by local artists, and, as live music continues comes back, a look into a hot new artist playing the Paradise Rock Club. We are also always looking to make sure our coverage is as equitable as it can be too, and are always looking to tell the stories that haven’t been told.

As the newspaper and the University returns in-person, we’ll be operating in-person, covering dozens of events on campus open to the entire vaccinated BU community. Campus is coming back to life again, and we’ll be at the events and concerts, documenting the return, successes, struggles and perseverance.

This year won’t be easy, but the Features section will cover the highs and lows of a hopefully more normal college experience and the entirety of campus life.

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