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Reporting amidst historic change: a preview of city news coverage

Trinity Church in Copley Square

We have been witness to massive changes in our sociopolitical, cultural and public health climate this year. If these changes have taught us anything, it’s that journalism is more important than ever.

The city news section at The Daily Free Press is committed to quality and ethical journalism, providing relevant and up-to-date information on local news in the Boston metropolitan area that BU students are most affected by and care most about, as well as covering communities and stories in Boston that have historically been overlooked. 

This fall, the city of Boston is undergoing a change in its political history unseen in previous years. The 2021 Mayoral and City Council races will be a major point of coverage for our section, as many of the front-running candidates are women of color — a first in city election history. Our goal is to write about the races and voting itself to make the race as informative and accessible as possible. 

The public health of our city and our readership is also a priority for our coverage, and so the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to be a topic we report heavily on as well. Especially with the influx of college students to the local area and the Delta variant causing an increase in COVID-19 case numbers, we want to focus on how residents can be safe and keep others safe as well. 

We also recognize the importance of continuously analyzing our methods, biases and privileges when reporting. Our writers and editors are dedicated to covering a variety of topics and social justice issues impacting our city while uplifting — rather than stifling — the real voices of those in our communities.

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