Top 5 best ways to get around BU campus and more: a comprehensive yet still biased guide

Freshmen and seniors alike — do you ever wonder what your options are to travel across campus? Aren’t you ever tired of the lack of answers at Boston University? Don’t you want to know which methods of transportation are the coolest?

Look no further. As a slightly nosy BU student who enjoys people-watching, I have all the answers for you in the form of a ranking from the worst to the best.

students getting around campus with different means
Boston University students taking the BU Bus, walking and riding personal vehicles around campus. Yvonne ranks her top five methods for getting around campus, honorable mentions included. MOHAN GE/ DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Disclaimer: This is not for educational, informational nor entertainment purposes. In fact, why am I writing this again? Here goes:

  1. Using a rideshare app or driving a car

It’s not the most cost-efficient, time-efficient or resource-efficient way to travel. Save the turtles and your wallet! But if you do use an Uber, don’t forget to be nice to your driver and tip if you can afford it.

  1. Taking the “T” or other MBTA public transport systems 

The Green Line of the T has a history of failing infrastructure, with the last train collision occurring on campus this past July when more than 20 passengers were injured. The circumstances don’t bode well for us students since our campus literally resides on the Green Line. It’s also slow as heck. Need I say more?

  1. Bicycles and Blue Bikes

In 2020, new bicycle lanes were built on Commonwealth Avenue. This means biking on campus is safer than ever. It’s also a free workout and very speedy. 

Still, it’s not perfect. Biking is no fun in bad weather. Furthermore, cyclists need to be careful of pedestrians and cars. Also, make sure to lock up! Sometimes there’s not much you can do, but there can be a lot of bike thieves in the city. Biking is effective, but it comes with risks.

  1. BU Shuttle — or BUS

Nothing makes you feel like a sardine-in-a-can more than the BU Shuttle. The Terrier Transit app is also not very reliable from my own experience. But as long as you’ve accepted the possible embarrassment of waddling at high speeds to catch a bus, it’s nice to have it as an option.

  1. Walking

There’s a lot of walking at BU. But it’s really not so bad. Listen to a podcast. Call your parents and catch up. Time management becomes important when getting to class on time, but walking makes for a better-rounded person. You learn to stop and pet the dogs.

Below are some honorable mentions that are — arguably — even better than walking. 


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No. It’s a flying student! Heelys can switch from wheels to sneakers faster than a blink. It’s easily the coolest way of getting around campus. They were popular in elementary school, but I never learned how to use them. Is it too late for me? Absolutely not.


There’s no shame in being late to the trends. It’s been long enough that you’ll be the trendsetter on campus. Have an old hoverboard that you stopped using? Take it out of the closet. It’s time to get swaggy.


Roller-skates — vintage Heelys, if you will — are coming back through TikTok trends. Don’t you want to join in?

Electric scooters

They literally go up to 20 miles per hour. Nothing compares to the wind on your face while riding one. If people are staring, it’s because they wish they were you. Scoot away from the haters.

So that’s it: my elaborate, comprehensive guide to getting around Commonwealth Avenue has come to an end. Enjoy your time at Boston University. There is so much that being in the city has to offer. But most importantly, I hope that I have convinced you to travel in style.

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