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Why embarrassing yourself is the key to success

Embarrassing moments are no fun, especially in that very moment, and especially when you’re lying in bed replaying that moment all night. But the legitimate act of embarrassing yourself is deceptively rewarding. The aftereffects of humiliation and shame can evolve into something useful with the right frame of mind and positive attitude. 

As humans who are prone to overanalyzing, an embarrassing moment can seemingly define how other people see you. If it’s a first impression, that might be the case. However, those who know you might also choose to associate that moment with you. This is probably the biggest fear revolving around embarrassing situations, and rightfully so. But this is when the fruitful aftereffects can seep in if you allow them to. 

In the instance a stranger is witnessing your embarrassing moment, you need to know that in the end, they don’t care. They don’t know you, and you’re probably the most entertaining part of their day. That’s why they’re looking. 

‘But what if they do care?’ — it’s on you to stop this inquiring voice in your head. That’s the first and strongest step to not letting embarrassment define you. 

And if that’s too big of a barricade to break, try thinking this way — you know yourself better than anyone else, yet you crumble at the stares, movements or words of someone who hasn’t even walked in your shoes. You have to accept that the world is filled with people who think they know you, but it’s your choice whether you listen to your own voice or theirs. 

Embarrassing situations can have positive outcomes
A statue of a man facepalming. Lifestyle writer Kendall shares how to make the most of an embarrassing encounter and writes that you decide how much weight to give the situation. COURTESY OF JEREMY BEZANGER VIA UNSPLASH

You will continue to ache if you emotionally react to everything. One of the most powerful things that can come out of humiliation is restraint and logical reasoning. Don’t let any situation change you. It’s not worth losing your self-worth. 

In the event a person you know doesn’t let you forget that embarrassing moment, you have to make peace with their narrative. Sometimes you’ll be seen differently in other people’s eyes. Everyone views everything in a different light. You don’t get to tell people how to narrate their life. Controlling thoughts that eat at your inner peace is paramount. 

Embarrassing situations dwindle your self-esteem. You begin to question yourself, your capabilities and who you are as a person. Almost everyone I know already doubts themselves. Each individual person is more critical of themselves than anyone else. Criticizing yourself would have helped you grow if it was meant to do that in the first place. These mortifying moments halt your potential and stunt your growth in all aspects of life. 

Understanding that some setbacks are small can be the springboard you need to take a leap of faith in the right direction. Embarrassing moments can keep you afraid of what can go wrong and diminish the excitement of what can go right. Don’t let your potential go to waste because you don’t feel ready or confident enough. If that mentality rules your mind, then people with half your talent or worth will make serious strides while you’re still waiting to feel ready.

Embarrassing yourself is a painful experience that can be your kickstart to success. Incessantly picking apart that experience is not the way to go, but recognizing what such an experience can do for you can help you in the future. 

Not to end on a cheesy note, but the key to success is to realize that nothing holds the power to greatly affect your life. You have the power to give things attention, so you also have the power to take it away.

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