Snacking like a champ

As we transition into the fourth week of classes, my snacking has already begun. The copious number of chips, candy and cookies I’ve gone through so far is concerning. However, stressful projects, snow days, icy rain and days where I refuse to leave my dorm make it easy to eat. 

But it’s getting tedious. 

Here are a few snacks that will always hit the spot, especially as a stressed college student.

Chips, salsa and guacamole. From salami and crackers to chips and salsa, Thalia Lauzon shares some of her go-to snacks that just hit different. COURTESY OF JUAN MANUEL GIRALDO GRISALES VIA UNSPLASH

Pita and hummus

Pita and hummus are debatably the most underrated snack of all time. It’s flavorful and comes with options like garlic, pepper or plain hummus, and the heaps of bread you can dip and spread. 

My favorite way to eat hummus and pita is when I feel fancy and toast the pita on the stove. All you need is a teaspoon of oil or butter to do so. The pita is crunchy on the outside, but remains soft and warm on the inside. 

This fancy way of eating hummus and pita also allows you to dip more easily into the hummus and get a better scoop.

Chips and salsa

Another duo combo that needs to move to the top of everyone’s shopping list is chips and salsa.

The amount of tortilla chips I can go though is incredible, but add some pico de gallo in there and it becomes an enviable snack or side for the day. 


Quesadilla may require a little more effort compared to the previous options since they can’t just be bought at the store, but they are still super simple to put together. 

The degree of effort that goes into your quesadilla is determined on how much you’re willing to spend and what cooking instruments you have, whether it be adding vegetables or meat.

In a typical dorm where a microwave is the only thing available, the options are very limited, but, if I dare say, are still very good. 

To start, buy some 8-inch flour tortilla shells and your desired cheese. I recommend mozzarella and sharp cheddar. 

Next, prepare your tortilla with the ingredients. Use a flat surface to lay down one tortilla shell and spread an even layer of cheese — or cheeses —  leaving about an inch for an edge. Then, lay the other tortilla shell on top of the cheese. 

Place your quesadilla in the microwave and heat in intervals of a minute and 30 seconds until the cheese is melted in the middle. 

It’s a quick way to get the quesadilla flavors without having a trusty stove. However, if you do have one, you can add a step by cooking the meat on the stovetop and moving it to the oven and more. 

Quesadillas are often forgotten if people think they can’t make them, but their snack superiority is clear. It’s cheese and bread. Who can resist? 

Salami and crackers

Some people say salami is the main part of this snack, but crackers add to the greatness of the flavor. 

While I understand that it’s not the best for the environment, I’m a meat eater. 

That said, when I came to school, I had to cut down on my meat consumption because of the difficulty in making it — and the overcooked, unfortunate-looking meat at the dining halls is something I can’t bring myself to eat. 

But I still crave the taste of something.

Salami is a quick way to get that. I try to buy a pack just to munch on whenever I want and add crackers when I have time. 

It hits a spot somewhere in me that makes me go all Tyrannosaurus rex on food. 

I don’t think I have a limit to how much salami I can eat in one sitting, but eating crackers — especially Ritz crackers — makes me fill up faster with delicious food between or in place of meals. 

But there’s just one problem with all of this— I actually have to go to the store or City Convenience to buy the ingredients. And that’s not something I have the energy to do.

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