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A chaotic guide on the best series and movies I watched this week

For whatever reason, I have spent an excessive amount of time this past week glued to my computer screen watching as many TV shows and movies as I can fit into my schedule. The following are my favorite three choices that I would recommend to Daily Free Press readers and my honest opinion on them.

Pam and Tommy

This new TV show first aired on Feb. 2. It follows the relationship of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, starting from when they met and focusing on the exposure of their sex tape.

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The Netflix film title screen of “The Woman in the Window.” Frances Beedon shares her favorite film finds from the past week — “Pam and Tommy,” “Euphoria” and “The Woman in the Window.” CLARE ONG/DFP STAFF

I was suspicious about this mini-series before I watched it, but I will say that it’s very well made. The show does a great job of setting the vibe of the rockstar life that Lee and Anderson lived, while also exposing the struggles of being in the spotlight.

Seth Rogen also stars in the series as the man who releases the couple’s sex tape, which I would say was the biggest issue I had with “Pam and Tommy.” I know this could be a controversial thing to say, but I associate Rogen too much with the comedy genre to watch him in something so serious. It confused my brain to the point that I was focusing way more on Rogen than the actual show. But overall, I think this series has a lot of potential and will do really well with its viewers.


“Euphoria” is everywhere right now. Everyone’s watching it and probably because it deserves all the hype.

It’s a bit complicated but for anyone who hasn’t watched the series, the plot follows multiple teenagers in high school who are navigating through drugs, relationships, sexuality and more.

The second season has been airing every Sunday since mid-January, and I will admit that it never fails to be my highlight of the week. Although the show is absolutely fascinating with top-of-the-line acting that one doesn’t normally find in TV shows about high school students, the second season has significantly been more anxiety-driven than the first. One of my fatal flaws is that I hate suspense and anticipation, and that hatred does not pair well with a show like “Euphoria.”

It’s hard to explain without giving away any spoilers, but the series also doesn’t seem to have much of a plot this season. Instead, it’s one big thing happening after another. I’m hoping that as the season progresses, everything will connect and come together, but as of right now I give the new season a fair 7/10.

The Woman in the Window

Although this movie came out in 2021, it’s a new find for me. It’s based on the book written by A.J. Finn of the same title, which I had sitting on my nightstand for months since the summer. It was a great book, so you can imagine my excitement when I found that the movie had indeed been made and was available for streaming on Netflix.

Starring Amy Adams, this movie focuses on a woman who has an extreme fear of going outside, and therefore has a habit of watching her neighbors from her window. But one day, she accidentally witnesses something she shouldn’t have in her neighbor’s house across the street.

Viewers watch as a mystery unfolds and Dr. Anna Fox, played by Adams, gets caught in the middle of it. I personally really enjoyed this film. It might just be because I’m a sucker for mysteries and I had previously read the book. But I can see how some people wouldn’t love this movie since it isn’t very well made and the acting is subpar. However, it does the job for a mystery lover who needs to be entertained.


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