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Five binge-worthy shows you need to watch

As the stress of the semester seems to increase past midterm season, I found myself looking for mindless shows to watch to reward myself after finishing my work.

Here are five binge-worthy comfort shows to escape from the chaotic college life.

Smaran Ramidi / DFP Staff

Happy Endings

The first show I’ve been binge-watching recently is “Happy Endings.” Available on Netflix, Hulu and HBO Max, the show follows a group of six friends as they navigate life in their early 30s together in Chicago. The episodes are perfect for easy watching, with each episode lasting 30 minutes on average. With the same light-hearted feel of Fox’s “New Girl,” each ending leaves me tempted to click the “Next Episode” button until I finish the entire show.

Inventing Anna

Less lighthearted and not at all comedic, “Inventing Anna” follows the story of Anna Delvey, who was arrested in 2017 and found guilty of scamming New York’s elite out of an absurd amount of money. This dramatic mini-series had me on the edge of my seat until the end, with layers of unanswered questions that a team of journalists worked together to figure out. With only nine episodes, it’s perfect for those who want a quick thrill without watching countless episodes.


This incredible new show on HBO Max follows a strong feminist named Joyce as she creates the first pornographic magazine for straight women in the 70s. Everything from the costumes to the cast is incredible. With Ophelia Lovibond as Joyce and Jake Johnson as Doug, I’ll continue to watch the weekly episodes with high expectations.


Of course, with making a binge-worthy list of shows to watch, I needed to include “Bridgerton.” The hit Netflix show by Chris Van Dusen follows a high-society family as they navigate their social lives during the Regency era in London. The second season of “Bridgerton” will drop on March 25th and will follow the oldest brother, Anthony, and his quest to find a wife.

Love Island UK

This suggestion is for the reality-tv junkies out there. “Love Island” brings people to a villa, where they couple up and date one another in an attempt to find love. The attractive singles, the glamor of the villa and the European accents create the perfect opportunity for mindless viewing. With an insane amount of episodes, I find myself caught up in the seemingly endless entertainment. The eighth season will be released during the summer, and I cannot wait. I am confident the anticipation of the release will get me through this finals’ season.

I rely on these five shows for easy watching, when I need a break from the real world. With the different genres these shows bring, I feel as though I can always rely on at least one of them to help me get through the stressful semester.

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