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The procrastinator’s guide to completing school work

As the school weeks go by, I find myself facing obstacles of work and projects. Each week, I am hit with major assignments. My syllabi scream at me in bolded letters of the fast-approaching deadlines as I scramble to keep up with a demanding schedule. Unfortunately, my weekly panics are a result of my own doing, as I am guilty of an absurd amount of procrastination.

In writing a guide for completing the abundance of school work that college students inevitably have, I’m hoping I can create a map for myself to use when I am feeling overwhelmed with the material from my course load.

Jacklyn Tsung / DFP Staff

With that disclaimer, here are a few tips from a highly unqualified individual that I was told would help avoid procrastination.


The first tip that I need to start practicing more is organizing my time. In the past, I attempted to sit down and study all of the test’s material. I became overwhelmed — I shut down and refused to do any of the work I set out to complete. I am beginning to realize that setting different time blocks for studying certain materials helps me take in the full workload little by little until I finish. Developing the discipline to pace my work throughout the week is beginning to save me from many sleepless nights. I don’t have a deadline hurtling at me when I start early — organizing my time and breaking my work into small, manageable bits.

Time management

In acknowledging my mistakes, I realize that my fault is my lack of time management. The remedy to this notion is easier said than done. Week after week, I tell myself I am going to manage my time better. However, I gravitate toward mind-numbing activities such as scrolling through TikTok for hours. To keep from doing this, I delete the entertaining apps from my phone. This way, I’m not tempted by the app’s mindlessness, and I can focus on the task ahead. Once I complete the work I set out to do, I reward myself by redownloading my favorite apps and streaming services. This gives me something to look forward to once I finish my school work, while simultaneously eliminating potential distractions.

Taking needed breaks

In contrast to wanting to remove distractions while I study, I’ve also learned the importance of breaks. My short attention span makes it difficult to sit for hours on end to study. As I carve out time to study, I also have to set out time for rest and breaks. Scheduling time to eat, go to the gym and be a functioning member of society is easier said than done when I finally become swept up in the world of academia after postponing starting my work. When I carve out time to take care of my mental and physical health, I find it’s easier to come back to my work and start with a fresh brain.

Although I am still learning the mindset of a non-procrastinator, I am practicing the habits of organization and time management, while looking after my mental health in an attempt to get through this chaotic semester. The more I try to apply these principles, the less overwhelming my workload becomes. Although I am still a major procrastinator, I hope that I can eventually work through this fatal flaw. The hard lesson of not waiting until the deadline to complete work is imperative for me to learn so that I can become a better, less stressed student.


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