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How to make use of your Sundays

It has come to that point in the semester when burnout and exhaustion is real. Assignments are piling up, the stress of internships is weighing on your shoulders and the days just don’t have enough hours to get it all done.

At some point, we are all going to crack. To keep going and going at this point in the semester is just not an option, which is where the use of your Sundays will come into play. Sundays are for rest and a reset. Here are some ways I have found to make full use of my Sundays.

Smaran Ramidi / DFP Staff

Sunday is laundry day

Laundry will become that chore that keeps getting pushed off your list, leaving you even more stressed now that you don’t have any clean clothes left. Start your week off with fresh clothes and sheets because then, at least that part of your life will be covered.

Let yourself sleep in

The extra few hours of sleep will save you in the long run. The assignments that you will turn in without any sleep will not make you happy. Careless mistakes will start to show, and you will regret it when you get that less-than-pleasant grade back.

Find a show

At some point in the previous week, choose a show that you can look forward to watching on Sunday night — whether it be your comfort show or that new season of “Bridgerton” that you haven’t gotten to watch. This is the time to spend an extra hour on TV. A period in your Sunday to only focus on the TV. You deserve it.

If your bank account is still standing after this semester, order the take-out meal

Get your comfort meal and get the extra side of fries. Do whatever will make you happy. Personally, I usually splurge for some soft-serve ice cream. Head over to Scoop N Scootery to cure any problem that comes your way.

Call a friend or your family

Sunday is catch-up day. Tell them all the good parts of your life at school. Don’t focus your attention on all of the assignments that you have coming up. Focus on the good and allow yourself to share all the exciting things in your life.

Plan out your week ahead

It’s important to stay organized, especially at this point in the semester. Deadlines will quickly slip away from you if you don’t stay on top of your schedule. You don’t want that day to come when you have three hours to write that five-page paper that has been on the syllabus all semester.

Take a trip to Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is my safe space. Fill up on all of your favorite frozen food staples — you can never go wrong with some of their orange chicken. Grab some midnight study snacks, as well. Your mind and stomach will thank you later.

Fit in a quick workout if you can

Whether it be a quick walk or a trip to the gym, find at least 30 minutes in your Sunday to dedicate to your physical health. It always feels good to move your body and just forget about all the stress around you. My go-to is a quick walk along the Charles River with my favorite playlist in my headphones.

To end your day, go to bed early

Allow yourself time to relax and get as much sleep as you can for your Monday ahead. Do a face mask and take a long hot shower. Give yourself time to breathe.

Taking time to relax can be scary at this point in the semester since there is always something to be done or a deadline to make. But what good would it be to turn in a mediocre assignment? Give yourself a chance to breathe on the remaining Sundays — you’ll be grateful come finals season.

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