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BREAKING: Butv10 shows address Christophor Cavalieri’s alleged misconduct on morning news

Butv10 addressed recent sexual misconduct allegations leveled against its faculty adviser, Christophor Cavalieri, in the morning news broadcast of one of its shows, The Wire. 

Anchor Alex Dowd for butv10 news show The Wire. The Wire addressed recent misconduct allegations leveled against its faculty adviser, Christophor Cavalieri, in a morning news broadcast Friday.

“The Wire would like to address a recent story from The Daily Free Press out of an ethical obligation,” said Alex Dowd, an anchor on the show. “We are aware of the sexual misconduct allegations made against butv10’s faculty adviser Christophor Cavalieri.”

In an article published Thursday by The Daily Free Press, several former and current students alleged misconduct involving Cavalieri ranging from verbal abuse to sexual harassment. 

Cavalieri has been at the helm of butv10 since its inception in 2005. Cavalieri also teaches a course titled Television Studio Production in the College of Communication.

An investigation was launched last year by the University – using a third party investigator – into allegations of misconduct on campus. In fall 2021, a New York-based attorney who specializes in sexual misconduct investigations, spoke to several students about Cavalieri’s alleged misconduct. 

College of Communication Dean Mariette DiChristina, BU spokesperson Colin Riley and  Cavalieri did not respond to requests for comments by the time of publication. 

The Wire is a daily news broadcast show covering breaking news in “carefully craft[ed] 4 minute episodes,” the show’s online bio states. 

Before commencing its usual program Friday morning, the show’s anchors addressed the sexual misconduct allegations. 

Alex Dowd was a contributing reporter for The Daily Free Press in the fall of 2021. She is not currently involved with the newspaper.

Senior newswriter Bella Ramirez is an executive producer at The Wire. She was not involved in the editing of this article.

Campus Associate Editors Lauren Rowlands and Tanisha Bhat, and City Associate Editor Walker Armstrong contributed to the reporting of this article.

Campus News Editor Jesús Marrero Suárez was involved in the butv10 show Shadows in fall 2021 and early spring 2022. He disaffiliated from the show on March 14, 2022.


Good Morning BU also addressed the sexual misconduct allegations in its Friday morning broadcast.

“In the interest of transparency, we want you to know that Professor Cavalieri has served in an advising role for this show throughout its run. However, we will monitor these reports, and out of respect for ethical norms, professor Cavalieri will not be included in any reporting on this topic going forward,” said Chloe Liu, an anchor on the show.


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