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Podcasts to add to your queue this summer

Summer is just around the corner, the weather is lightening up and finals are soon to be behind us. One of my favorite parts of summer is just having more time to breathe. There is more time for dinner with friends, reading books and my personal favorite — long walks.

During the school year, I catch myself going on walks but only when they are absolutely necessary. Whenever I am stressed, overwhelmed or just have a tough decision to make, you will most likely see me pacing down the Esplanade.

Smaran Ramidi / DFP Staff

These walks are strictly meant for my favorite song playlists that I can immerse myself in while I figure out whatever crisis I might have thrown myself into. The summertime is always my moment to catch up on all of my favorite podcasts. Here is a list of my go-to podcasts for this upcoming summer.

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

I have to start off with one of my favorite actors and comedians — Dax Shepard. Shepard, along with his co-host Monica Padman, interview all different kinds of celebrities including Tom Brady, Jimmy Fallon, Barack Obama and even Prince Harry. The show is filled with life stories, advice and just funny narratives that will force you to continue your walk until the end of each episode.


Serial is a podcast that will have you hooked for months. Hosted by Sarah Koenig, Serial follows one story for a full season. Each season will have you guessing what will happen next, never quite sure how the story will end — happy ending or not. The best part of the podcast is that Koenig follows the story right along with you, allowing listeners to hear her raw reactions along the way.

Gals on the Go

This list could not be complete without a mention of YouTube influencers. The trend continues with two YouTube stars — Brooke Miccio and Danielle Carolan. The two “gals” talk all things lifestyle. They tell stories all about navigating your 20s, moving on from college life and more. They share the not-so-glamorous parts of their life, always making me feel better as a college student. They are both relatively young, so their conversations have given me a glimpse into what might come next after college life.

The Daily

Now it is time to get a bit more serious. The Daily, a podcast produced by The New York Times, is how I get most of my news during the summertime. Focusing on the biggest stories of the day, Michael Barbaro keeps your intake of news at just 20 minutes. This is perfect for a quick morning walk to get your day going.

This American Life

Ending off my list is my favorite podcast, This American Life. The stories that are told through this podcast will make you want more after each episode. A weekly podcast, This American Life chooses a theme each week and then tells real stories based on that theme. This podcast will force you to think and get your brain moving in different directions, something that is necessary during the summer months.

My summer will be filled with catching up on all of my favorite podcasts. Join me in my goal of one walk per day with a different podcast each day.

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