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GALLERY: Thousands march to protect Roe v. Wade and abortion rights

Thousands marched to protest the potential overturning of Roe v. Wade after a leaked majority opinion draft from the Supreme Court signaled the landmark case could be overturned. The march, organized by the Boston Socialist Alternative, began at the Massachusetts State House, traveled along Tremont and Park Street and looped around the Boston Commons. The group ended at the State House with a rally. 

Abortion is a human right sign
A protestor on Tremont Street holds up a sign made from a pizza box, inscribed with “abortion is a human right.” AMISHA KUMAR/DFP STAFF
protestors chanting
Protestors chant at the rally outside the Massachusetts State House. AMISHA KUMAR/DFP STAFF
Repro. Freedom for all
Anne Joseph (left) and Tayla Gonsalves march with other protestors around the Boston Commons. AMISHA KUMAR/DFP STAFF
Mass. State House protest
One of the protest organizers from the Boston Socialist Alternative speaking to the crowd in front of the Massachusetts State House gate. AMISHA KUMAR/DFP STAFF
Mass. State House protest
Activists from the Boston Socialist Alternative line up in front of the Massachusetts State House Bulfinch entrance, holding signs that call for the protection of Roe v. Wade. AMISHA KUMAR/DFP STAFF
Pro-choice protestors
Protestors march down Tremont Street, holding signs that express support of abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood. “Keep your filthy laws off my silky drawers,” one sign reads. AMISHA KUMAR/DFP STAFF
Boston Commons protestors
Protestors march along the Boston Commons, making their way to the Massachusetts State House. AMISHA KUMAR/DFP STAFF
Megaphone protestor
Protestors chant using megaphones. Supporters of the Party of Socialism and Liberation attended the protest. AMISHA KUMAR/DFP STAFF
Protest organizer
Activist Mandy Wilkens spoke about the intersection of reproductive rights and transgender rights at the rally. AMISHA KUMAR/DFP STAFF
crowd of protestors at rally
Protestors gather outside the State House after the march. AMISHA KUMAR/DFP STAFF
protest signs with ovaries
Protestors’ signs were donned with pictures of ovaries and clothes hangers, calling for abortion to remain legal. AMISHA KUMAR/DFP STAFF
protestor with sign
A protestor holding a sign that reads, “my body is not your political playground.” AMISHA KUMAR/DFP STAFF
pro-choice protestors
Protestors hold their pro-socialism and pro-choice signs in the air as they march along the Boston Commons. AMISHA KUMAR/DFP STAFF
signs directed at democrats
Amongst a sea of protestors, a sign reads, “I am once again asking for the democrats to f—king do something!!!” Another reads, “Hey dems: don’t fundraise. Act.” AMISHA KUMAR/DFP STAFF
protestor taking selfie
A protester takes a selfie with their sign on Tremont Street. AMISHA KUMAR/DFP STAFF
protestors marching
Protestors hold up Planned Parenthood sign that read “protect safe, legal abortion” and “bans off our bodies” as they march down Park Street. AMISHA KUMAR/DFP STAFF
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