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Scott Taylor appointed as the new dean for Pardee School of Global Studies

Scott Taylor
The new dean of the Boston University Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies, Scott Taylor. Taylor was a professor and the vice dean for diversity, equity and inclusion at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. COURTESY OF GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY

Scott Taylor, former vice dean for diversity, equity and inclusion in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, began as the new dean of BU’s Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies Sept. 1.

Taylor, a political scientist specializing in the comparative politics of sub-Saharan Africa, succeeds Adil Najam, who stepped down as the inaugural dean of Pardee last May.

Taylor said he was drawn to Pardee because it is “new and still growing.” 

“The school has tremendous potential and the strong support of BU’s administration,” Taylor wrote in an email to the Daily Free Press. “Thanks to foundations laid under the leadership of founding Dean Adil Najam, Pardee has a terrific base on which to build, and that building will be both figurative, and literal.”

David Mayers, a professor of history and political science in Pardee and a member of the search committee that recruited the new dean, said it was a great opportunity for BU to have Taylor.

“We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have identified him and to have gotten him here to BU,” Mayers said. “He’s a distinguished scholar, he is an experienced and very able administrator, devoted teacher, and he will be building on Pardee’s existing strengths, and we have high hopes and expectations for him.”

Timothy Longman, associate dean for academic affairs in Pardee and also a member of the search committee, expressed his excitement starting the school year with Taylor.

“It’s always exciting to have someone new coming in, and it’s exciting to have someone come from the outside,” Longman said. “Personally, I’m very excited because I’ve known Scott Taylor for 30 years since he was in graduate school African Studies … I thought he would be a fantastic person, so I’m very happy we were able to attract him here.”

When asked what kind of person Taylor is, Longman said he “listens well,” has a “strong sense of himself and his ideas,” and is a “frank talker.”

“The fact that he was willing to ask tough questions, and to offer some point of analysis really showed a lot about what he might be able to do as Dean,” Longman said. “One of the reasons that having someone come in from the outside is great, it’s because they’re going to look at all the things we do that we just take for granted, and they’re going to see where things can be done better and differently.”

Taylor’s former colleagues back at Georgetown shared similar thoughts with Longman, adding Taylor will be a great leader because he cares deeply about the students.

“The students just loved being around him because he just felt like he was just part of the group, not a professor,” said Marta Manzano, assistant director of African Studies in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown. “At any time with questions, he was always willing to answer. He’s super fun, he has a great personality,”

Lahra Smith, an associate professor and the director of the African Studies program at Georgetown, worked with Taylor for 16 years and said Taylor has “the kind of personality characteristics to be able to lead.”

“His strength is really hearing different voices, and pulling those voices together to create a vision together,” she said. “The [Georgetown] faculty really wanted [Taylor] because he had the reputation for his integrity and for his leadership and those in those areas.”

Taylor said “collective effort” is needed for growth and success.

“I recognize that leaders sometimes have to make decisions that will not be universally popular. However, it is an unwise leader who does not seek and take counsel from diverse and trusted sources,” Taylor wrote. “We have outstanding people here [in Pardee] upon whom I will rely for their experience, perspective, and assistance.”

He also mentioned his upcoming plans in the near future and long term goals as the new dean in Pardee, which focuses on support for all students.

“I want to ensure continued faculty excellence, including by providing resources to our existing faculty and hiring dynamic new colleagues who do exciting research and can share that excitement in their classroom teachings,” he wrote. “Pardee students’ success will redound to the benefit of the School, and our goal to be ranked among the leading schools of international affairs.”

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