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GALLERY: The 33rd annual Boston Freedom Rally

On Sept. 17, people gathered at the Boston Common to celebrate the Boston Freedom Rally, also known as Hempfest. The event offered a place for vendors to sell marijuana related products. Hempfest featured food, music and guest speakers.

Hempfest Vendor
Jessie, a vendor, standing in front of his stall of products. SEAN YOUNG/DFP STAFF
Rip of bong
A man taking a hit from a bong at the festival. SEAN YOUNG/DFP STAFF
Hempfest group
People sitting on the grass at the festival. SEAN YOUNG/DFP STAFF
Hempfest dancer
An attendee pointing middle fingers at a street preacher who was protesting the festival. SEAN YOUNG/DFP STAFF
Hempfest Vendor
Tommy, a vendor, holding handmade socks with weed leaves. SEAN YOUNG/DFP STAFF
Hempfest crowd
People walking around Hempfest in the Boston Common. SEAN YOUNG/DFP STAFF
Hempfest attendees
People having a picnic on the ground. SEAN YOUNG/DFP STAFF
Musician playing at Hempfest
A musician playing the guitar and singing near the public garden. SEAN YOUNG/DFP STAFF
Hempfest shirt vendor
A stall sells Boston shirts with designs that read “Bostoner” on the front. SEAN YOUNG/DFP STAFF

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