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Nikki’s Boston Date Spots

Whether you’re going on a nerve-wracking first date or celebrating another day with your boo, these food spots are affordable and unbeatable.

Pho Basil

Located on Mass. Ave. near the Northeastern campus, Pho Basil serves Thai and Vietnamese cuisine that will warm up your soul during those abominable Boston winters. You can stop by on the way back from a culturally immersive promenade around the Museum of Fine Arts for an immaculate museum and food combination.

Thinking Cup

I am personally a big fan of the coffee date. There is nothing like getting to know your special someone more intimately over a cup of Joe — hot or iced. If you’re going to the Boston Common or Copley Market, Thinking Cup is a great place to

Jacklyn Tsung | DFP Staff

stop by beforehand to grab coffee and brunch. They even have a build your own grilled cheese option for all you cheese-lovers! There are three locations in the Back Bay, the North End and Boston Common — all are hot-spots for a cute walk.

Bottega Fiorentina

This cute Italian market and restaurant has an incredible selection of desserts, pasta dishes, sandwiches and more. You can find Bottega Fiorentina on Harvard Ave. in Brookline. It’s a very close walk from Brookline Booksmith and Buffalo Exchange, both of which also happen to be fun spots to take your date.


Besides the fact that Harvard Square is the perfect spot to live out your fall “Gilmore Girls” fantasy, it’s also home to some fantastic restaurants. You could be basic and go to Tatte for the thousandth time. However, Source has delicious brunch and dinner options that are sure to impress that special someone. Personally, I think Source is best paired with a day of pretending to be a Harvard University student and confidently walking around their campus.

Zaftigs Delicatessen

Listen, I’m a brunch girl through and through. Zaftigs in Brookline has to be the best I’ve had in the Boston area. I don’t mean to be dramatic when I say that I would do literally anything for their challah french toast. On weekends, you can expect a little bit of a wait. The wait not only shows just how much of a fan-fave they are but is also completely worth it. It’s in a great area to walk around, digesting all the beautiful food. Coolidge Corner also hosts a bunch of cute small shops to satisfy any shopping addiction.

Caffé Vittoria

The North End hosts a plethora of amazing authentic Italian spots and this café is the perfect place to end a meal or grab some coffee and dessert. They have desserts that will melt in your mouth and heavenly pastries you will be thinking about for the next week. It’s walking distance from Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market if you want to have your Boston tourist moment, which I highly recommend.

Buttermilk and Bourbon

Let’s be clear: Boston is quite distant from Southern culture, but just because we’re far, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the classics with a twist. As a mac and cheese enthusiast, theirs is absolutely delicious, and their beignets are perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. Their space is brilliantly designed. I swear the chefs are geniuses. I want to try everything on their menu. I’m so frustrated that everytime I go, I can only get one or two things. Buttermilk and Bourbon is located at our own Commonwealth Avenue but is a lot closer to the Newbury street side.

Boston Burger Company

Yes, I know a burger might not be ideal for a first date, but this place is TO DIE FOR. I had the “Mac Attack” burger which had mac and cheese and bacon. It was actually life-changing. They have a ton of different creative burgers and insane milkshakes. You can find Boston Burger Company in Davis Square, Cambridge or Boylston Street.

If you want a good, satisfying meal to ease the nerves of a first encounter, these really are some must-hit places. But even if it’s not your first date or you’re on a date at all, you must visit these spots anyway. I promise you won’t regret it.

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