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Get a Taste of Fall in Boston

I have always felt bittersweet about the start of fall. I am a summer person. It is just who I am. I love the sun, swimming in the ocean and picking blueberries from my backyard at home. I especially love summer for its food — ice cream, fresh berry pies and outdoor barbeques.

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Although the start of fall means the end of the warmer weather and starting school again, over time I have found ways to not miss summer as much. Especially in New England, there are plenty of quintessential fall traditions that you can take part in — whether that is going apple-picking, or watching the leaves display their annual array of colorful leaves.  

For me, I have learned to love autumn through food. Even if I have to let go of the fresh-picked berries and garden vegetables of summer, fall brings a whole new cast of flavors to the scene. Crisp juicy apples, pumpkins and squash, cinnamon, maple and chai flavors are the cause of my excitement in the fall.  

You do not have to go out to an apple orchard or on a road trip through the Green Mountains in Vermont to experience the flavors of the season. There are plenty of places right near Boston University’s campus to get a taste of fall that is just an MBTA ride away!

Copley Square Farmers Market

Located at 139 St. James Ave, the Copley Square Farmers Market is the perfect fall activity. Take the green line to Copley on Tuesdays and Fridays to get to the market. Among other fresh farm produce, you will be able to peruse fresh apples from local farms, apple cider and most importantly apple-cider donuts.  

I remember going to our local farmers market when I was little — always looking forward to the sweet, sugary taste of an apple cider donut. Now, I can go to Copley Square and taste that same sugary-sweet sensation that takes me back to those fall days years ago.

Life Alive Organic Cafe

Located on West Campus — on 888 Commonwealth Ave — you can get what I believe is the best fall meal: the Autumn Falafel Warm Grain Bowl. I do not know if there is any singular dish that I have heard more buzz around and I can personally attest that it is worth the hype.  

The bowl is rich with warm grains, roasted butternut squash, crispy brussels sprouts and savory falafel. It has all of the rich autumnal flavors simultaneously working together to create a hearty and delicious grain bowl.

Pavement Coffeehouse

Right across the street from the College of Arts and Sciences on 736 Commonwealth Ave, Pavement is a perfect stop for in-between classes! They serve a plethora of different fall-inspired drinks that include traditional pumpkin-spice lattes and pumpkin-spice chai lattes. For the bold, they also have unique concoctions, like the iced cinnamon-fig latte. Pick up a fresh bagel with it, and you will have yourself a perfect before-school breakfast.

Clear Flour Bakery

Take the green line to Packard’s Corner to experience this classic bakery on 178 Thorndike St.  Clear Flour sells an array of different fresh-baked breads and pastries, but make sure to go earlier in the morning — they can sell out quickly!  They have a weekend special menu that changes every weekend, which is currently full of fall-inspired delights in honor of the season.  

Trader Joes

Trader Joe’s is known for their annual fall product launches — this year is no different with a wide variety of pumpkin-spice and maple-flavored delights. Are you feeling like an autumn-inspired breakfast? You should pair TJ’s pumpkin-spice coffee with pumpkin toaster waffles or instant pecan pumpkin oatmeal. Do you want a snack? Try the fall-leaf corn tortilla chips paired with the pepita salsa. For a sweet treat, try the pumpkin-spice espresso beans, pumpkin-flavored Joe-Joe’s sandwich cookies or the salted-maple ice cream.

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