A love letter to October and December

October is here, which can only mean one thing — the best time of the year has officially arrived.

As an avid Christmas lover, I’ve always had a strange grudge against autumn. I didn’t hate it, but I always viewed it as an obstacle to get through before my favorite holiday. Now that I’ve spent a few years in New England and forced myself to go out and enjoy the weather, I’ve noticed how much I’ve been missing out.

The months of October and December just feel like home to me — they bring unexpected comfort and warmth in a way that seems like the world is just wrapping a safety blanket around me. 

Haley Alvarez-Lauto | Graphic Artist

There’s a certain coziness that only the fall season brings. When I think of October, I imagine curling up in a dim room, lit only by a pumpkin-scented candle and cuddled in a warm, fuzzy blanket with a book. 

It’s known that summer is the perfect season for extroverts, people who thrive in social environments, while autumn is like home to introverts — those who can stay inside and enjoy the calm atmosphere of the world, where everything seems to be in tune with one another.

It’s the season of hugs, warm drinks and cozy evenings. There’s peace in every corner, a gentle presence in every memory made. 

And of course, there’s Halloween. I’m horrible in haunted houses, but I understand the appeal. Clinging to your friends and screaming at the top of your lungs while actors jump out at you is freakishly thrilling and fun. While I’d always roll my eyes whenever I heard someone say “spooky season,” I’ve now realized that I’m that annoying person. 

November’s a break from the constant craziness of October. It’s a month to somewhat relax and while school is most often insanely stressful during this time, the buzzing anticipation of Christmas is looming just over our heads, and it’s enough to bring my spirits up.

I’m not American, so I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving during November, but I do appreciate that the 5-day break gives me time to breathe before the stress of finals bombards me. 

Not to mention, there’s a sort of dark and poetic vibe that comes with November. I know many aren’t a fan of the early nights — especially those with seasonal depression — but I find it’s a good time for me to sit back and reflect. The end of the year is approaching — what have I accomplished? And what more do I hope to do? 

Then finally Christmas arrives. I mean, come on, need I say more? December is unquestionably my favorite time of the year. Even though not everyone celebrates Christmas, happiness in the air during this time is a universal experience. Seeing the first snowfall of the season, finally going home to your loved ones and cozying up with a hot drink beside a crackling fire are simply memories that are special to the holiday season. 

I’ve found that my happiest moments that are worth remembering are always made during the Christmas season. I love decorating my home and going shopping for loved ones. 

It’s a time when I am filled with an undeniable amount of joy — just for being alive and having those I care for by my side. As I walk along the bustling streets of the city, all decorated with multi-colored light and see everyone singing Christmas carols or simply being happy about the holiday season … I realize there’s nothing quite like it. 

I want that magic every day — that caring brightness in everyone that just lights up the world.

To say I’m excited for this year’s seasons of autumn and winter is a major understatement. I’m planning trips to pumpkin patches, corn mazes, haunted houses and of course, Christmas markets, ice skating rinks and more. 

But most importantly, my inner child comes to life again during these last few months. She’s always been inside me but everything will be just a little brighter and more beautiful in these upcoming weeks — and I can’t wait to let her out and explore. 


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