Why you should hop on the running shoe fashion trend

Athleticwear is in! 

It seems like more people are outside walking around, running and exercising after almost two years of being confined because of the pandemic. 

In general, the shoe industry is becoming more sustainable and more gender-neutral. For example, Converse has neutral classics, which offer a wide variety of platformed and classic Converse for all. Most of the shoes have a basic complexion and are limiting the gap between marketing geared towards gender orientation to create an inclusive and friendly environment, just like many other brands. 

Additionally, Nike and HOKA have created various unisex footwear which should be on your shopping list . To stay on trend is to buy athletic shoes. Go outside, look down and see for yourself. 

Whether you are a runner or not, I recommend purchasing trending running shoes, as well as maintaining comfortable athletic leisurewear. I have compiled a list of top ranked running shoes you should buy and why.

HOKA Clifton 8

These neutral running shoes are some of the most comfortable shoes on the market. HOKA in general has been gaining popularity due to its highly cushioned, shock absorption support, as well as its lightweight and breathable features. HOKA’s also offer unique designs, compression-molded insoles and inner heel support to help runners accelerate forward in a natural stride. Specifically, HOKA Clifton 8’s provide maximum cushioning with minimal weight, so people stay light on their feet. 

Smaran Ramidi | Senior Graphic Artist

Personally, I just bought a pair of HOKA Clifton 8’s about two weeks ago and they have been very supportive on my feet — helping me propel me forward and making walking and running an activity I enjoy doing. Its uniquely smooth ride is one not to miss out on! 

Craft PRO Endur Distance

An explosive take-off and a padded landing is one of the best ways to describe this neutral shoe. This shoe contains a contoured foam midsole for decreased weight and premier comfort. It also has road rubber outsole insets for a balance and weightless feel. If you are looking for a bouncy running shoe to enhance your exercise experience, this is the shoe for you.

Asics GT-2000 9

These springy and affordable shoes might be one of the best gender-neutral running

shoes on the market. The shoes offer plenty of support because of the ability for the runner to control pronation, as well as its lightweight midsole feature. There is additional gel in the toe and heel which adds extra support to your landing. With a college budget, these are the shoes to buy if you want to stay with the athletic wear trend.  These reliable shoes with tons of comfort will not let you down.

One of these three options are bound to keep you stylish and looking your best. Currently, Nike is offering big discounts at Dick’s Sporting Goods. If one of these top picks is not for you, then I highly recommend visiting or shopping online at Dick’s to find various great running shoes. 

Make sure to get outside and stay active. Your first step in doing so is to buy a pair of running shoes to accelerate  you into your next workout. 

Good luck on your exercise journey. 

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