Andrew’s Ultimate Fall Bucket List — Part 2

Welcome back to my ultimate fall bucket list for Boston students! I hope you enjoyed a gorgeous autumn week and are ready to indulge in another one. I know what you’re thinking. You liked the first article so much that you decided to come back for some fulfilling fall activities. Well, let’s not waste any time and dive right in. 

Smaran Ramidi | Senior Graphic Artist

Spooky Movie Marathon!

After all of your classes, self-guided tours and train hopping, you may feel inclined to take it easier on yourself and stay in for a night. You may be thinking,“Staying in for a night…in my dorm?” Trust me, a little movie, some popcorn, candy and Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream from City Convenience is the remedy just right for dorm boredom. 

Grab as many blankets and pillows as you need, open your computer or whatever streaming medium you have and enjoy the company of your friends as you binge watch halloween and fall-esque films.

Don’t know what to watch? Here are a few suggestions. Watch the Disney+ movie, “Hocus Pocus” and follow it up with its sequel “Hocus Pocus 2,” starring Boston University student Lilia Buckingham. Want a gory or bone-chilling horror film? Andrés Muschietti’s “It” or James Wan’s “Insidious Chapter 2” series do the trick. Both of those last movies can be found on Netflix, but I personally suggest Dreamwork’s, “Spooky Stories,” as I would like to be able to sleep that night.

Self-Guided Fall Foliage Tour 

Boston is famous for bright red, orange and yellow leaves. You may be wondering, where are the absolute best places to take in the foliage? 

My first go-to stop is Chandler Pond in Brighton. This picturesque, stillwater lake is located just across the street from Boston College. It gives off a Vermont and New Hampshire feel, with houses hiding in the trees around the lake. If you’re looking for an early morning walk, take the B line to Boston College and it’s a five minute walk from there.

Other places to consider are Memorial Drive right along the Charles River, Back Bay, the South End, the Charles River Esplanade and the Boston Public Garden. However, nothing compares to the Mount Auburn Cemetery. 

Located across the Charles in Cambridge, it’s quite the hike. However, the Uber is worth every penny. There are over 5,000 trees to marvel at in Mount Auburn Cemetery. Founded in 1831 with a historical graveyard look, there is a spooky element that balances out with the autumnal beauty of this area. The aesthetic is what you make out of it, therefore, it’s almost everyone’s cup of tea.

Day with the Dead: Visit a Cemetery!

We’ve pretty much established that Boston is rich with history. And with lots of history, there are a lot of famous dead people. Pretty dark, right? But luckily, you can still visit them in the famous cemeteries all around town. While it sounds odd to have “visiting a cemetery” on our bucket list, you’ll understand why once you get there. The way the leaves fall down on top of the graves and the gothic look of the chapel certainly glamorizes the area unlike any other season.

My two personal favorites are located in the heart of Downtown Boston. The first cemetery, Granary Burying Ground, was established in 1660 and holds an estimated 5,000 people including Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Paul Revere, and the victims of the Boston Massacre. 

A more ominous cemetery, King’s Chapel is usually a less crowded option. With plenty of walkways and plants installed, it’s a  walkable and greener cemetery. John Winthrop — the first governor of Massachusetts — is buried here.

That’s all for this week! Enjoy your fall-tastic week.


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