Fall fashion staples that should be in everyone’s closet right now

Haley Alvarez-Lauto | Graphic Artist

If you had told me two years ago that Uggs and clogs would re-emerge as staple fall fashion pieces, I would have laughed in your face. However, here we are. 

While I don’t consider myself exactly privy when it comes to fashion, I most certainly can put together a cute and comfortable fall wardrobe. While fashion is expressive, here are a few fall pieces I cannot live without. 

The Birkenstock Boston Clog

You probably know these shoes. Either from the endless viral Tik Tok videos or through Pinterest pictures. I also know very well what you might be thinking, “I’m not wearing clogs.” I was once you. 

However, once I pushed my dignity aside and bought a pair, my mind completely changed. Sure, they look a bit unconventional and slightly ugly, but they’re wildly comfortable. Given they’re sold out on every website, I scoured the internet for hours. When I looked, every pair in conventional colors were sold out. 

All that was left was purple, and I was not ready to branch that far out. What I wanted was the Faded Khaki color, but it appears everyone and their mother wants those as well. Instead, I opted for a pair in the color Mink, with fur on the inside. While still hard-soled shoes, the fur makes you feel like you’re walking around in slippers all day. 

They’re warm for winter but still give you a neutral and cozy look for fall. They can be dressed up or down as well. These can be paired with baggy boyfriend jeans and a knit sweater or can be worn with leggings and a sweatshirt. The possibilities are endless! 

Ugg Ultra Mini Boots

For as long as I can remember, Uggs have been a staple piece in fall wardrobes. Granted, things took a turn for the worse for poor uggs, and the fashion icons of the word branded them tacky. 

Slowly, Uggs started to climb their way back into our wardrobes and our hearts. Specifically the ultra minis in the color “Chestnut.” The Ugg Ultra Mini booties are slightly interchangeable with the Birkenstocks. They’re comfy and can be paired with almost anything. I’ve found myself wearing them with a sweatshirt and flare leggings, but also wore them with baggy jeans and a Polo knit quarter zip sweater. 

They’re great for running errands, or just a casual dinner. These are also extremely hard to find and are sold out on almost every website. However, some alternative colors that would still capture the fall vibes are Burnt Cedar, and Burnt Olive. Style alternatives to the mini booties include the Tasman slippers and the Disquette slip-ons.

Flare or baggy jeans

Are you tired of wearing the same style of jeans all the time? Fear not, I have a solution.

Put your mom and skinny jeans to the side and invest in a pair of flare or baggy jeans. I use baggy for lack of a better word because there are so many variations. My personal favorite are 90s style jeans. Unlike skinny jeans, baggy jeans allow freedom of movement and aren’t tight around your waist. 

This makes for a comfortable walk to classes. They’re flattering on many body types, and they can even be worn low-waisted without severe discomfort. Flare jeans still hug your form, but they allow for below-the-knee movement! 

They add style to your outfit and draw attention to your amazing new shoes — hopefully Boston Birkenstocks. There are so many store options for jeans, but my personal favorites are Agolde, Abercrombie, EB Denim and American Eagle. You could also be adventurous and find a great pair at a thrift store.

Happy shopping!


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