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StuGov discusses potential impeachment, budget, council’s dress code

The Boston University Student Government meeting on Monday. The StuGov Senate voted in favor of holding a hearing at their next meeting to decide whether to remove Judicial Advisory Commissioner Daniel Markovic from office. RUOHAN LI/DFP STAFF

The Boston University Student Government discussed changes to the Senate’s constitution and voted to hold an impeachment hearing for a member of the Judicial Advisory Committee.

The StuGov Senate voted 38-to-1 in favor of holding a hearing at the next StuGov meeting Oct. 24, during which the senators will decide whether to remove JAC Commissioner Daniel Markovic from office.

StuGov Chief Justice Ilana Keush answered the Senate’s questions about the articles of impeachment at the meeting.

Markovic was accused of violating JAC bylaws by hiring double the number of staffers StuGov rules permit and giving staff trainees the false impression they would enter StuGov positions that were not available, Keush said. 

“Given the personal hardship and dissatisfaction this could cause, (these violations) could cause some loss of legitimacy within our organization,” Keush said.

The Senate will review evidence about the case, hear from both parties involved and vote on Markovic’s removal Oct. 24 at the next StuGov meeting. 

The Senate also discussed a resolution to become more involved with budgeting revenue from Boston University’s Community Service Fee.

The Community Service Fee is a mandatory charge on all full-time undergraduate students’ accounts that goes to supporting student organizations, according to the Student Accounting Services website.

StuGov currently controls 35.75% of the CSF budget. SR.004 would constitutionally obligate StuGov to share recommendations with the Dean of Students Office on how to spend the remainder of the funding.

Student Body President Dhruv Kapadia and StuGov Senate Chair Hanna Dworkin presented the legislation at the meeting.

If SR.004 passes, the StuGov Senate Finance Committee will create a sub-committee to research and draft the CSF budget recommendations. Then, the Senate will vote on the recommendations, and the Student Body president will review them, Kapadia said.

“In the 93 years of student government, nothing even remotely close to this amount of fiscal power has been given (to us),” Kapadia said. “It’s really, really unprecedented.” 

The StuGov Senate will vote on the resolution Oct. 24 during its next meeting.

CAS Senator Adam Shamsi, presented an amendment to StuGov bylaws removing the business casual dresscode from senate proceedings.

Shamsi said that the dress code creates unnecessary barriers to participating in student government, and the amendment would give StuGov members the discretion to dress as they please.

The current dress code is especially restrictive to students with less financial resources, Shamsi said.

“For low-income students, it can be hard to find clothing that is inexpensive,” Shamsi said. “You can wear the same thing every week, but there is a stigmatization around that. People notice.”

StuGov will vote on the amendment during its next meeting on Oct. 24. 

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