A hot girl playlist for hot cider season

Summer is hot. We know. There are so many hot girl playlists making you sweat on the dance floors of clubs with flashing lights or making you strut on the beach as you walk past your crush. They’re constantly circulating.

But what about the girls who like to cozy up as the sun sets at 4 p.m. and dig their toes in the couch cushions to watch “When Harry Met Sally” for the millionth time? Where’s our playlist?

Worry no more. Here are the rustic, sultry, hot cider-tasting songs for your hot girl fall playlist. 

Haley Alvarez-Lauto | Graphic Artist

“Flow” by Sade

The constant slow beat in the background topped by Sade’s airy vocals creates the perfect background music for when you’re walking over the wet leaves sticking to the concrete after it has rained. The acoustic guitar also gives this song a rural country feel — adding to the rustic energy of fall.

“Whiteout” by Warpaint

With an immediate shift in tempo from “Flow,” this song captures what it feels like to walk in chunky fall boots. There’s something about the heavier weight of your shoes making a bigger impact with the ground that creates the ultimate strut — that’s what this song feels like. Feel free to listen when strutting. 

“Way to be Loved” by TOPS

Dancing in the fall is softer — it’s effortless. It’s “sway your hips to the guitar licks” and “tap your feet to the snare drums.” It’s this song. This is the song I play in the background as I make breakfast. It’s your perfect morning-wake-up dance session on those crisp autumn days when the only reason you’re willing to get up is for coffee. 

“Those Were the Days” by Angel Olsen

Angel Olsen’s practically whispers over a slow and soft electric guitar are like looking at the orange and red leaves on the trees blowing in the wind in slow motion while the rest of the world moves normally. 

“Autumn Sweater” by Yo La Tengo

Imagine yourself in your autumn sweater in a dive bar with red walls and someone at the table across from you can’t stop staring at you. All they can think about is how pretty you look in your favorite orange autumn sweater.

“Meet Me in the Bathroom” by The Strokes

Your autumn sweater got you a steamy makeout sesh in a dirty bathroom! Go you!

“Lazy Lover” by Brazilian Girls

The dreamy, rippling, rhythmic bells in the background feel like the ripples raindrops make in the puddles they fall into. Sure, it’s raining on a lazy autumn day, but you can still make a day of it inside. There’s so much inside — there’s the oven to bake in and the couch to lay on. There’s even a bedroom to sway in, while listening to the funky electronic sounds of this song.

“Jesus, Etc.” by Wilco

The introductory western violin sounds in this song creates the perfect segue into a western fall. Most people think of cowboy boots as the perfect summer accessory to pair with your favorite sundress, but bring them into fall and wear them with bootcut jeans or a midi dress. Now you have your perfect western fall outfit to pair with this song. 

“Everything Hits at Once” by Spoon

The quirky rhythms of this song — from the melody to the ornamental instruments in the background — align perfectly with the mood swings that tend to settle in as the weather gets colder and the days get shorter. Take this song on a walk and clear your mind. Pull yourself into the present moment, and listen to every layer of this song.

“This Girl’s In Love With You” by She & Him

This is your ultimate ambient jazz coffee shop song. It’s your cooking song. It feels like a warm lamp light and hot bowls of soup. Wind down with this song.

Now that you have your hot girl fall playlist, you can confidently take on all the changes that come with the beautiful season of autumn!

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