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As Halloween 2022 rears its beautifully orange head, The Daily Free Press Editorial Board shares its top 5 Halloween favorites, ranging from the best movie to curl up to after a failed night of wandering Allston for parties, to our favorite Halloween song (there are seemingly a total of three in existence, so the vote was unanimous).


“It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” 

“It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” captures the essence of Halloween in a way one’s ten year old brain can’t fully comprehend — but after you’ve got an extra ten or so years under your belt, a revisit is necessary. 

Besides the heartwarming naivety of Linus and Sally, hell bent on catching the Great Pumpkin by any means necessary — the antics of Charles himself presents comedy which outshines the best of today’s television. 

In this special alone Charlie falls after the classic football pull from Lucy, accidentally cuts holes in his costume, and receives a handful of rocks during trick or treating — all while constantly being outshined by his strangely charismatic dog. In a way, Mr. Brown is all of us — setting the Halloween bar incredibly high only to be disappointed when a series of unfortunate events sabotages our plans. 

The Halloween favorite was typically present on cable, however this year, the special has sadly been reserved to Apple TV+. Luckily, the streaming platform has chosen to make the movie free from the 28th to the 31st — so even non-subscribers can enjoy it!


Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

A total of one member of the editorial board voted for this option to be candy corn. They were subsequently fired. 

Reese’s acts as a Halloween staple for all — besides from those with peanut allergies, to whom we’d assume the candy offered many stress-filled All Hallows’ Eves. The peanut butter saltiness against the milk chocolate shell is a flavor one doesn’t forget. 

Not to mention, the infamous orange and brown wrapper separates it from the likes of the red white and blue Crunch or the golden and red Twix. This fall colored labeling gives Reese’s a special taste on October 31st. It’s not the ideal candy, but specifically, the ideal Halloween candy. 

Haley Alvarez-Lauto | Graphic Artist


Sexually Provocative Professionals

What is truly better than witnessing the armor of hard working citizens — scrubs, firefighter regalia, business suits — wholly desecrated? Halloween night would not be complete without the timeless tradition of taking a pair of scissors to a typical uniform and parading through 30 degree weather in full confidence. 

The sexually provocative professional arsenal of costumes are a FreeP favorite purely because they’ll never go out of style. 


Costume Parties 

The bread and butter of Halloween: the parties. Costume parties gather all the best parts of the holiday in one dingy frat basement. Here is where the people who have been planning their costume since last year and the people who panic bought a witch hat from Dollar Tree are exposed. 

No matter which one you are, the masses are connected in the joint experience of partying hard till Nov. 1 emerges from the horizon with its autumnal colored turkey feathers and Mariah Carey CD to harsh the vibe. 


“Calling All The Monsters”

China Anne McClain’s “Calling All The Monsters,” a product of “Ant Farm’s” season 1 Halloween episode “MutANT farm,” is the best song in history. 

Okay, perhaps not. But out of the millions of Halloween songs (“Spooky Scary Skeletons,” “Monster Mash”… and the 999,998 that definitely exist), “Calling All The Monsters” is the best. In the song, Mcclain sings from the perspective of the monster, rallying her evil peers whilst warning unsuspecting citizens of their planned dance attack. 

The song represents the best of Disney’s Monstober, a pop culture remnant settled deep into the hearts of so many Gen Zers. 


We offer our freaky five in hopes they add some sparkle to your Halloween festivities, an opportunity to try something new on a holiday where traditions can admittedly grow stale. 

May the Great Pumpkin bless your Halloweekend with great tricks, phenomenal treats, and award winning anecdotes to supplement the rest of your Fall semester. 

This editorial was written by Opinion Editor Lydia Evans.

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