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‘Stranger Things’ turns BU Dining upside down celebrate Halloween

Boston University Dining Services is holding a “Stranger Things”-themed dining event on Halloween across all dining halls on campus. 

An advertisement board outside Warren Towers. Each of the four dining halls will celebrate Halloween with decorations and menu items inspired by each of the four seasons of “Stranger Things.” AMANDA CUCCINIELLO/DFP STAFF

Each dining hall will be decorated as a different season of Stranger Things, according to Laurel O’Keefe, the marketing manager for BU Dining Services, who also conceptualized the event.

“When we were planning our calendar of events for the fall semester, the newest season of ‘Stranger Things’ had just been released,” O’Keefe wrote in an email. “With four seasons, we thought introducing a ‘Stranger Things’ theme would be the perfect way to celebrate Halloween across all four dining halls in a relevant and slightly spooky way.”

O’Keefe wrote that students are welcome to wear halloween costumes and each dining hall will feature food, as well as decorations, from each season. 

O’Keefe wrote the spooky “Stranger Things” menu will include demo-dogs, surfer boy pizzas, spicy chicken and waffle sandwiches, Benny’s Burger, twister fries, D’art’s nougat brownies and dusty buns.

“Chef Armand also drew inspiration from food offered within the Starcourt Mall’s food court in season three to create our version of Hawkins Heroes, Imperial Panda’s orange chicken and more,” O’Keefe wrote. 

Gluten free station will include the “Wheeler Family Dinner,” consisting of chicken, tater tots, vegetables and gravy. Cauliflower sweet potato katsu curry and vegan “sausage” and pepper pizza is offered as the vegan option.

West Campus will be inspired by season one of the series and will be decorated with Dungeon and Dragons paraphernalia, missing persons posters and Castle Byers. Granby Commons at the Hillel House will be inspired by season two with 1980s themed decorations, and Marciano Commons will be inspired by the Starcourt Mall setting of season three, with Scoops Ahoy signs and classic arcade game posters.

Warren Towers Dining Hall will spotlight the newest fourth season, decorated with bats and traces of the show’s villain, Vecna.

“Entry ways will be reminiscent of a portal to the upside down and dining rooms will be decorated with classic elements from the show like the famous alphabet light wall,” O’Keefe wrote. 

Students can also win a Stranger Things sticker by playing pin the mouth on the Demogorgon.

Issa Ruan, a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Communication, said she is excited to attend her first dining hall event.

“I think it’ll be pretty cool, Ruan said. “I don’t come to the dining hall that often… so if they’re holding a Stranger Things theme, I’ll probably come and see what it looks like.”

Jamie Cronin, a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences said she is looking forward to seeing the decorations at the dining halls.

“I think that’s really fun,” Cronin said. “So far, any event that’s happened at the dining hall has been at least just fun to watch and see.”

Caden Huffman, a sophomore in CAS, said he is “very excited” for the themed dining hall and curious to see how BU dining will incorporate the show. He said the popular show could draw students to the Halloween event.

“It’s good to have something to look forward to in the dining hall that’s not just like the same old, same old,” Huffman said.


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