Where to shop when Newbury Street gets redundant

I have been here for less than two months, and I already feel unenthused by my typical weekend activity. Sure, the street is beautiful — lined with classic brownstones and botanical wonder — especially during the warmer months.

It is also ideal for shopping, with a wide range of stores from affordable T.J. Maxx, and as lux as Cartier and Chanel. However, it is not the only location that is optimal for shopping needs. Here is a list of five areas to check out when you feel dulled by Newbury Street.

Prudential Center

Located in one of the most iconic buildings of Boston, this indoor mall is the perfect place to enjoy a sh

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opping day — especially during rainy and cold days. It is a block away from Newbury Street and Copley Square and easily accessible from the T. Popular stores include Artizia, Canada Goose, Lululemon, Madewell and Sephora. 

Be sure to check out one of the many dining options also in the mall. Eataly is an exciting destination for gourmet Italian food and alluring foreign groceries. 

Assembly Row

This newly opened suburban strip is a bit of a farther trip on the T, but definitely worth the journey at least once. Enjoy scenic views of the Mystic River while shopping at popular chain stores including Bath & Body Works, Tilly’s, Columbia, Nike and Levi’s. 

The first time I visited Assembly Row was during parents’ weekend. My family and I enjoyed phenomenal seafood at Legal C Bar. 

Jamaica Plain

This stop does not house the well-known brands the other venues offer. That being said, it is known for being a second-hand mecca. Thrifting is a perfect way to elevate your closet while being sustainable and contributing to the effort against climate change.

Check out stores such as Boomerangs, Susanna Jamaica Plain, DIVERSITY Consignment, 40 South Street Vintage Fashions and Goodwill. While you are in the area, stop by the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University. This was another activity my family did when they visited. It is a stunning, natural oasis from the city.


If you find yourself in the Kendall Square area, discover Cambridgeside! This extensive gallery is the perfect destination for an indoor shopping experience. There are exciting events including storefronts such as American Eagle, Newbury Comics, Victoria’s Secret and T..J Maxx.

On Nov. 6, you can watch the Cambridge half-marathon. Additionally — through Nov. 17 — there is a canned food drive, which is the perfect opportunity to give back to the Boston community. It is also not far from The Garment District —  a costume and vintage store where you can buy clothing by the pound. 

When I visited this past month, I bought many unique pieces for a low price. Although it is a bit off the beaten path, I would recommend making the trip if you are keen on thrift shopping.

The Current at Seaport

Known as a “pop up village,” The Current is a bustling hub for small-scale and local businesses to showcase their products. If you are looking for unique items and pieces, this is a perfect destination to check out.

Currently, this spot highlights businesses such as Sleepy Tie, featuring haircare products to strengthen blown-out hair, Mure + Grand Boutique, selling colorful and eccentric clothing items and Kada, a sustainable clothing brand along with many others. If you are interested in those specific storefronts, make sure to head to The Current as soon as possible, as they are temporary!

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  1. Thank you for the article. I look forward to returning to Boston and visiting these shopportunities.