How the moon affects your dreams

Do you ever have those weeks where you try falling asleep but instead of falling into the comfortable cycles of REM, you feel like you just entered a different dimension, and you have to save the world from an apocalypse? Yeah, me too.

Smaran Ramidi | Senior Graphic Artist

In my friend group, I’m known as the vivid dreamer and the highly intuitive witch. Most nights, I sleep without ever feeling like I actually fell asleep because my brain is too busy compartmentalizing my day through extremely vivid dreams that I recount to my friends the next morning as they follow along, deeply intrigued.

My dreams are so vivid that one could write a movie script out of them. With my dreams, a whole movie franchise could be started — filled with strange characters and wild happenings. 

Everybody tells me to keep a dream journal. For the most part I try, but obviously some dreams end up repressed as soon as I wake up, and I immediately forget them. But there has been a trend, I’ve noticed, in keeping track of my dreams. 

Though correlation is not causation, I find that dreams for me and many of my friends are most vivid during full moons and new moons. They’re even crazier during events like a lunar or a solar eclipse. 

Our dreams are how our brains understand our lives and everything that happened in our day. 

Sometimes they can be brutally obvious and other times they can be hidden with easter eggs, so paying attention to them can be really helpful in understanding how your subconscious is processing your days, and how you may really feel about something in your life. 

From an astrological perspective, many horoscopes often say our dreams are vivid — almost lucid — at these times because it is our subconscious screaming, “PAY ATTENTION.” In astrology, full moons signify a time when everything is on display. All your problems, issues and things you might need to change, are brought to light under the glare of the full moon. Thus, your dreams can be extremely revealing in these things.

Similarly, new moons signify times when all that was realized in the full moon can now be taken and changed. There is a momentum in new moons that propel us towards a new chapter. At this time, our dreams can sometimes be like little motivators — reminding us of all the work we’re doing, as we grow through this next phase. 

Eclipses, on the other hand, are intense and wild. They shake up our lives and force us to lay all our cards on the table. For that reason, during this time our dreams can get messy. Eclipses tend to bring things to an end and start new beginnings. Whatever is leaving or entering your life, it can be really scary or really exciting. 

Regardless, it will all be reflected in your dreams so once again, pay attention!

I’ve never really understood why my dreams have become so vivid in recent years. I’m not sure if it’s because I have such a wild imagination, or maybe it’s because I’ve started to pay attention to them — causing them to be even more vivid than they once were. Either way, it can be fun to reflect on your dreams and gain a better understanding of the way your brain works. 

My best advice is to keep a dream journal or log them in your notes app. Let your dreams guide you through each moon cycle and make sure to pay attention to all the little details. 

Happy dreaming!

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